Handcrafted Jewelry, 2011

Mixed-media jewelry . . . WHAT IS THAT? You've seen those jaw-dropping jewelry pieces created with fabric, resin, polymer clay, enamel, wood, and other fun and funky materials, right? . . . Well, that's mixed media for you! And mixing up your materials is all the rage!

Need a little spice in your life? Look no further. Mixed media (and Handcrafted Jewelry 2011) is all you've been waiting for and more. Discover 22 brand-new jewelry designs using simple techniques and fabulous materials! With step-by-step photos and easy-to-follow instructions, you'll be making jewelry that will stand out in no time!

Handcrafted Jewelry 2011 is packed with projects to spark that your own creativity. Give your jewelry a story! Make your jewelry one-of-a-kind and incorporate pictures, definitions, poems-the possibilities are endless! You know you want to leave everyone wondering, "What's the story behind that necklace?"

Order your copy of this mixed-media resource today to:

  • Discover great tips, techniques, and projects from some of the best in the business: enise Yezbak Moore, Andrew Thornton, Candie Copper, Jess Italia Lincoln, Kristal Wick, and many more!
  • Turn your special saved items, fabrics, and pieces into incredible works of art.
  • Make it stick! Get the 411 on adhesives for jewelry designers from Molly Schaller. 
  • Create your own tiny birdhouse pendant with your favorite paper memorabilia.
  • Tell your personal story and use all your meaningful favorite finds in your jewelry with tips on the best found objects.
  • And so much more!

Mix it up with 22 brand-new projects. We'll show you what mixed media is all about, and we bet you fall in love.  Actually, we know you will!


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