Hammered Earrings: St Tropez

This is a continuing series of pieces I've made for a friend who has a seemingly endless love of turquoise and silver.  See Turquoise Necklace: St Tropez, Turquoise Bracelet: St Tropez Set, Turquoise Earrings: St Tropez Set.

This is the first pair I made for her when she lost one of her favorite silver hoop earrings and her fiance texted me a picture of the remaining hoop and asked if I could make a new pair.  I did the obligatory trip to the silver store (Metaliferous – a wonderful store in Manhattan, but can be found online) and bought a straight up pair of hoops.  But then I also grabbed some thick gauge silver (15g) and did my own version of hammered silver hoops. 

If you check out the other pieces I've done for her, you'll notice that this is the simpliest jewelry I've made for her.  She loves to wear complicated jewelry and she can pull it off since she is tall and thin with has beautiful long dark hair.


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