Guide to Triangle Beads

It used to be that the only triangle beads you needed to keep straight were these:

TOHO triangles       MIYUKI triangles

This type of Japanese seed bead has a triangular profile. The style on the left is manufactured by Toho; they have a thin body and the corners are sharp. The kind on the right are made by Miyuki; these have a more squat body and the corner are rounded.

But wait…enter the shaped bead revolution! Now we have several options for triangular beads. Here are six:

CzechMates Triangle: Part of the CzechMate 2-hole bead series (all Czechmates fit together!), this equilateral triangle bead by Starman has two holes along one side that run front to back. They measure 2mm thick and 6mm across and have rounded corners.


eMMA: These equilateral triangle beads from All Beads Wholesale are 6mm wide and 3mm thick and have 3 holes that run front to back at each corner.


Kheops Par Puca: These two-hole equilateral triangle bead distributed by BeadSmith have 2 holes that run parallel through the body of the bead. That means that there is one hole opening on two sides and 2 holes on the third side. These measure 6mm across and are 3mm thick.

kheops par puca

Tango: This right-angle triangle bead, created by BeadMaster, has two holes that run parallel through the body so that one edge is smooth. They are 6mm across and 3mm thick.


Trinity: These beads from BeadSmith aren’t technically triangles, but pretty close! They are clover-shaped and come in two sizes (6mm and 8mm). They feature 3 holes and rounded corners.


Tri: These equilateral triangle beads by Aria Design Studio are the O bead’s cousin! They have one 1mm hole in the center (from front to back) and measure 4mm.


Curious about working with triangle beads? There’s a great new project we’re featuring in the store today that will get you started. The Clover Cuff by Svetlana Chernitsky features Kheops Par Puca in two colors and SuperDuos…a very pretty design.

Happy beading!


Jean Cox, Beading editorial director


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