Great Advice From My Favorite Stitch Pro: Jean Campbell

Jean Campbell has long been someone that I look to for information and advice about everything related to beaded jewelry design. Along with her sense of humor and her twenty-plus years of beading experience, she's an absolute treasure trove of tips, techniques, and inspiration for those of us who love to bead!

Jean writes the Stitch Pro column for Beadwork magazine, and she also shares her beady musings with us on the Inside Beadwork Magazine blog here on Beading Daily. I picked out five of my favorites to share with you!

Jean Campbell's 10 Must-Have Beading Tools. Are you looking to put together the perfect beading tool kit? Jean has recommendations for beading tools that every beader should have! A well-stocked tool kit is essential for anyone who wants to create their own beaded jewelry designs, so take a look and see what you should have to round out your collection of beading tools.
Stitch Pro: Taming the RAW Monster. Right-angle weave is one of those beading stitches that can be a bear to master, but the payoffs are fantastic. If you've ever struggled with right-angle weave, Jean has some excellent tips for making right-angle weave much easier to navigate.
Stitch Pro: In Search of the Perfect Clasp. Like anyone who dreams up and then creates their own beaded jewelry designs, finding the perfect finishing touch can be a challenge. Jean has come up with a brilliant way of using this Tierra Cast s-clasp for finishing a piece of beaded jewelry!
Stitch Pro: Breaking Bad…Beads. Oh, sometimes those pesky little seed beads just don't want to behave themselves! If you've ever found yourself in a position where an extra seed bead or two has slipped into the wrong place in one of your beaded jewelry designs, Jean shows us two ways to safely break those beads right out!
How to Become a Stitch Pro. Yep, knowing all the variations of all the different bead-weaving stitches out there can seem like a monumental task. But if you want to work on your own beaded jewelry designs, it helps to have at least a basic understand of the most popular variations of brick stitch, peyote stitch, herringbone stitch, and right-angle weave. Jean has come up with this handy reference chart that you can use to track your progress as you become a Stitch Pro!

Now, how would you like to learn four of Jean's most popular floral beaded jewelry designs? Watch as Jean takes you through each of four designs, one stitch at a time, to create one beaded ring, two beaded bracelets, and one showstopping necklace in Jean Campbell's Best Beading Workshops: Floral Designs. Not only will you improve your bead-weaving skills with each project, but you'll end up with four amazing pieces of beaded jewelry to add to your wardrobe! Pre-order your copy of Jean Campbell's Best Beading Workshops: Floral Designs and get ready for three hours of pure beading bliss! (Can't wait to get started? Jean Campbell's Best Beading Workshops: Floral Designs is also available as an instant download in high-definition!)

What's the best beading tip you ever received? Who was it from? Why did it make a difference? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share your stories with us!

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