Go On a Bracelet-Making Binge!

Oh my goodness, where do I start?

I was feeling in a bit of a beading funk the other day, so I decided to clean off my desk. (That shows you just how desperate I was!) I came across a bag with some new metal components from my friends at TierraCast in it — and these were no ordinary components. They included some of my favorite symbols, like an ohm symbol, a sitting Buddha, a lotus flower, and a yin yang. Along with some beautiful metal bar links with words like "namaste", "love", and "breathe", I felt inspired to break into my extensive stash of gemstone beads and go on a little bit of a bracelet making binge.

By the time my poor husband came home, our entire dining room table was littered with beads, findings, snippets of elastic stretchy cord, and the useless remains of several twisted wire needles. Woopsie. Well, who needs to eat dinner at the table, anyway? Isn't that what the living room is for? The good news is that these pretty little stretchy gemstone bracelets will be used as rewards for a fundraiser I'm holding for my favorite yoga studio here in the Adirondacks. Hooray for being productive!

At any rate, if you've found yourself in a bit of a beading slump, why not whip up a quick bracelet or two (or ten or twelve)? Here are some great beaded bracelet making ideas and projects to get you going!

You can turn an ordinary metal cuff bracelet finding into something fancy with just a few simple wire wraps and your favorite Czech glass beads. (Or crystals. Or pearls! Have fun! Mix it up!)
A very special vintage clasp can turn a simple wire bracelet into a fun, eclectic piece of beaded jewelry. And who doesn't love a bracelet making project that uses up all those leftover bits and beads you have from other projects?
Bead embroidery bracelets don't have to be complex and time-consuming. You can make a simple bead embroidered cuff bracelet like this one using one of your favorite cabochons in a weekend.
I love hunting for treasure at my local thrift shop, because I almost always find something like these vintage shell jewelry making components that I can combine with my favorite new glass bead shapes for awesome beaded bracelet making projects.
And speaking of new ideas…have you tried adding seed beads to your favorite kinds of crystal cup chain? I love experimenting with new materials and beading supplies to make bracelets!

And just in case you need a little more inspiration…here are 3 of my favorite quick and easy ideas for making beaded bracelets!

Looking for a new bracelet making project to get your beading mojo back again? Check out this beautiful new bracelet making kit! The Pharoah's Finery Bracelet kit is available for pre-order in the Beading Daily Shop! This complete beading kit includes leather, seed beads, shaped glass beads, a beautiful button clasp, and a printable PDF file with complete instructions. And if you're looking for some great step-by-step video instruction, you can download the Beadwork Magazine Project Workshop and watch as Beadwork magazine editor Melinda Barta takes you step-by-step through creating this funky, fashionable beaded bracelet.

Do you have a favorite beaded bracelet making technique for getting out of a beading slump? What inspires you to make beaded bracelets? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share your thoughts and ideas with us!

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