Go from Macaroni to Marvelous Jewelry with a Beadwork Back Issue Sale

Can you remember making your first jewelry piece? As kids, every finding and component was a wonder! The possibilities endless and creativity flowed no matter where and when, rich or poor, large or small. Ahhhhhh to be so inspired and un-encumbered. I'm sure many of you joined me in creating colorful elbow macaroni jewelry in grade school for mom. It was called macaroni in my day, not pasta. And it was really fun! On a recent trip to NYC, we wandered the pasta aisles in Little Italy and I couldn't help but think how beautiful these pasta shapes would have been in my grade school jewelry!

Fancy pasta for macaroni jewelry

The Early Days of Jewelry-Making

I moved through pipe cleaner jewelry, X-stitch pins, bobby pin hearts, and landed on macramé jewelry at age eight. I started my own brick-and-mortar shop (in the living room), and sold belts, necklaces, and bracelets to an exclusive clientele (mom, dad, and the neighbor kids). I was so proud of those beginning sales (although there were a few complaints, the rope was too rough and occasionally rubbed a kid's skin raw), but I learned valuable lessons back then (don't buy your macramé yarn at the hardware store among others), and have applied them to my jewelry making today.

My macrame jewelry shop

Jewelry Evolution

If you share any of those childhood memories, surely your jewelry making has evolved as mine has. If it hasn't, perhaps it's time to jump on that bandwagon! I'm not sure what the best part of creating jewelry is…actually making it or watching a lucky recipient wearing it with great joy. Nothing makes your heart sing knowing someone smiles every time they wear your creation.

Today, my components cost a great deal more than a bag of pasta! I still love making jewelry as gifts and with Mother's Day coming up, it's a good time to get started. These jewelry pieces may be just the starting point you need!

Feel inspired with dozens of patterns and luscious pictures from our Beadwork sale!

The best is yet to bead!


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