Global Style Jewelry: Jewelry Making, Beading, Traveling – Anne Potter Takes Us Along

Journey Globally and Make Jewelry Alongside Anne Potter

Anne Potter’s book, Global Style Jewelry is a must read.  Once you read it, it will then lead to a lot of “must do’s”! Anne’s book is filled with 25 beaded jewelry projects that promise to be exotic — and boy, do they deliver. The designs, along with Anne’s step-by-step instructions, lead us from start to finish and give us a feeling of having traveled the globe with her.

Global Style Jewelry by Anne Potter, jewelry making, beading, travel, color

Global Style Jewelry, by Anne Potter

Pack your beads, jewelry-making tools, and creativity, then buckle up and join me on a tour through this great book. We’ll sneak a peek at some of my favorites and dip into the cultural flavor Ann shares with us through her eyes and experiences.

Global Style Jewelry: Europe

Kicking things off in Europe, is the Vyshyvka Bracelet. Inspired by Ukraine it speaks volumes of the culture with its bold red and white colors, rich metal tones, and eclectic mix of shapes and textures.

Global Style Jewelry, Anne Potter, jewelry making, travel, beading, beads, color

Vyshyvka Bracelet

An excerpt from Global Style Jewelry:
“The centerpiece of this bracelet are Akha belt pieces from the hill regions of Thailand. Their diamond cutouts capture the diamond repeats of the (Ukrainian) embroidery and create a dynamic focal point. Quatrefoil mother-of-pearl beads represent the cross designs nicely, and a nice collection of red beads captures the simple, bold palette of the complex redwork.”

Global Style Jewelry: Asia

I’m enthralled by all the Asian inspired designs. I gravitate toward the Iznik Tile Earrings. The color, warm gold tones, and mix of shapes call to me, and I’m loving the layered look.

Global Style Jewelry, Anne Potter, jewelry making, travel, beading, beads, color

Iznik Tile Earrings

From Anne, on these earrings: “Yesterday, I toured the Topkapi Palace to take in its rich tilework and left with a headache. Almost every surface is decorated with an expanse of tile: decadent and pulsating, purring with Turkish blue designs. The walls sizzle with a myriad of flourishes and flora. Domed ceilings soared above my head with fully loaded patterns—explosive, exquisite, a sky full of flowers. Alcoves disclose kaleidoscopic secret gardens. This palace is impossibly ornate, and I was sated.”

Global Style Jewelry: India

Anne shares a story as she offers each design and project. A thread woven from beginning to end, leading us with her every step. Anne offers her view with eloquence and vibrancy.  She offers this around the Print Block Earrings:

“In a small stall on a dusty street in Bagru, Ajay works with mallet and chisel like his father and grandfather before him. Th e mallet strikes the chisel with rhythmic clinks as he works, precisely carving a fl oral patt ern into the hard block of sheesham wood. For twelve hours a day, Ajay carves wooden print blocks here in Bagru, a desert city in northern India and epicenter of this thriving artisanal industry.”

Global Style Jewelry, Anne Potter, jewelry making, travel, beading, beads, color

Print Block Earrings

I have a growing collection of print blocks I cherish. I have an even greater appreciation for them now and can derive inspiration from them differently. Thanks for that, Anne!

Global Style Jewelry: Africa

An excerpt, paying homage to Africa: “I love African design for its bold, brazen style and its unapologetic pride. African design packs meaning and history into its recognizable style, which operates as a unifier across the continent. And it’s so beautiful! We all know the primary colors of the African design: green, red, black, gold. This pan-African palette appears everywhere, from nearly every African flag to beads, fabric, and graffiti. These colors represent hope and harmony and stand witness to a history of spilled blood. Add to this palette bold, large scale patterns. While the actual patterns certainly vary among countries and tribes, African patterns consistently pack meaning with the print. African women even assign wise proverbs to fabric prints, making their fashion a fashion statement! African style represents African identity, and that’s what I love about it most. Design with purpose, boldly representing a people and their history.

Global Style Jewelry, Anne Potter, jewelry making, travel, beading, beads, color

Maasai Cuff Bracelet

Global Style Jewelry: Latin America

Retablo Charm Bracelet speaks to me from a spiritual place, which is as Anne intended. “Isabel brings me the retablo from the kitchen. It’s a small tin shrine with scalloped demilune sides and a crown-like top, darkened with the patina of cooking smoke and fingerprints. In the center is an image of La Virgen de Guadalupe. Her figure is meek—head gently tilting down—while a wildly yellow, spiky corona radiates from her.

Global Style Jewelry, Anne Potter, jewelry making, travel, beading, beads, color

Retablo Charm Bracelet

This peek is just a taste for where Anne’s designs in Global Style Jewelry will take you. Journey further with Anne through Europe, Asia, India, Africa, and Latin America. See which way your heart takes you with your jewelry designs then please, leave a comment. I’d love to know your favorite reaches and which design(s) inspired you most.

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updated March 15, 2017

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