Giving Thanks From the Beading Crew at Interweave

Giving Thanks
This time of year we’re all very busy–busy with life and all it’s blessings (good and bad), family, work and all that comes with year-end and prepping for the holiday season. For many of us, you can also add in getting ready for Tucson! Around our offices, our busyness has been amplified the past few months with the exciting launch of our new website and all that goes into that type of endeavor.

We are never too busy, though, to take pause to offer thanks and to share our appreciation for you, our loyal readers. It is you who we come to work for each day; it is you we work hard for, and it is you for whom we strive for perfection.

To share our appreciation, as well as offer our thanks for our abundance, we each have put together some thoughts we’d like to share with you–and though we offer this during the season of thanks, these are thoughts we carry with us, always.

Andrea Hoyt, Beadwork magazine

This year I began working at Interweave. I’m grateful for all that I’ve already learned here, the people I’ve met, and for the beginning of a new hobby. I’m fortunate to work with and in honor of beautiful things and the people who create them.  More generally, I’m just grateful for another day on earth.

Connie Poole, Beadwork magazine
Having been an Interweave employee for more than 9 years, I’ve seen many, many changes. This year, I’m most grateful for the changes we’ve seen in leadership and vision. From our new CEO, and the rock star team he’s assembled to help us move from a print-only model to a digital model-—to the legacy Interweave employees who have returned to remind us all what made Interweave the most respected publishing company in the craft market. This is a very exciting time, and I look forward to being a part of the new Interweave. 

Debbie Blair, Beadwork magazine
I’m thankful for the beading DVDs in my library, to give me a firm foundation on beadweaving techniques. Leslie Rogalski’s Doodle Beads series has allowed me to learn the fundamentals of most basic stitches, with her signature easy-to-follow thread-path diagrams. And I’m in the middle of Melinda Barta’s “Basics and Beyond” series, which demonstrates all the neat things you can do with odd- and even-count peyote and herringbone stitches.

I’m also thankful for being able to travel to Bead Fest this fall to see what’s new on the market and meet and talk with our amazingly talented Beadwork readers and workshop instructors! You all inspire me every day!

Kristal Wick
I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my love of creativity with all my fellow makers, beady peeps, and joyful jewelry folks! I’m super grateful for my muses, Bling and Sparkle, who not only inspire me but share their joy with my Facebook and social media friends, because after all, who doesn’t need a little more Bling and Sparkle in their life? Sending you blissful blessings filled with family,  friends and a whole lotta’ time to spend satisfying the need to bead!

Lavon Peters, Beadwork magazine
I’m thankful for the Beadwork editorial team, all of whom work tirelessly to produce the highest-quality content. Debbie Blair, who recently stepped forward from Jewelry Stringing to become the new Beadwork Editor and who is now eagerly learning about both the craft and the audience. Megan Lenhausen, our project editor who started as an assistant editor but quickly surpassed that skillset. Andrea Hoyt, our assistant editor who gladly takes on a multitude of tasks to help ensure that our products make it into the store on time. And Connie Poole, our magazine designer who makes it all beautiful with her creative and artistic talents. Beadwork magazine wouldn’t be the same without this fantastic team!

Megan Lenhausen, Beadwork magazine
When I reflect on this past year I feel overwhelming gratitude for the constant presence of beauty in my life. As Beadwork’s project editor, my desk is never without a gorgeous piece of jewelry or new magazine or book to admire. The fruits of our talented contributors’ labor remind me of the power and importance of creativity and imagination.

When I wasn’t up to my elbows in beads I made time for hiking in Colorado’s mountains, walking or running on my favorite local trails, and laughing with friends and family. I’m thankful to live in a state where opportunities for adventure are endless and to have great friends and loved ones to share the memories with.

Tammy Honaman, jewelry making daily, lapidary journal jewelry artist, beading daily, Beadwork magazine
It’s been quite a year. In reflection and not in any order, I’m thankful for: my new bead on it board (okay, all 3!), a beading awl with a really fine tip, finding One-G thread, my portable battery operated task light, and my new CraftOptics!

Aside from these great new tools, I’m really thankful for each of you who welcomed me into my new role as BeadingDaily Online Editor. This year has been so fulfilling, creatively and professionally. I’m now transitioning into a new role as Web Producer, which opens up a whole new avenue. In this new position, I’ll still be writing and sharing projects, videos, and other beading goodness with you and I’ll also get to work even more closely with our amazing editorial teams. The talented team who works so hard to bring you Beadwork magazine, eBooks and special magazine issues, will also be contributing much of the content you will be enjoying here on our new website!

As I sit back and enjoy my Thanksgiving surrounded by the love of my beautiful family, I send you my best wishes for a happy day filled with the love of your family, friends, and time to pursue your passion.

Happy Thanksgiving!