Give Me a Ring

With Valentine's Day upon us, some of you may be thinking "bling." Well, you don't need Valentine's Day as an excuse to treat yourself or a loved one to a piece of jewelry that you can craft in a matter of minutes!

Over the weekend I decided to check out one of my local craft store's newly-expanded locations. Although the bead and jewelry department wasn't as large as I was hoping, it surely didn't disappoint. Not long ago, I crafted my first resin-filled ring, and when I spotted the packages of ring blanks, I decided to try a simpler approach that would result in some instant gratification. I selected a few buttons that I thought would be fun to wear as rings, and off I went!


This project took me a matter of minutes. You can do it in three easy steps–really!

First, I used a pair of wire cutters to snip off the shanks.

Next, I used a small metal file to smooth out the back where I had cut off the shanks. Depending on how close you cut off the shank, this step is optional. However, I found that the more level the back of the button was, the easier it was to glue it to the ring blank.

Finally, a small amount of super glue was added to secure the button to the blank, and voila! A fun batch of rings! Easy and very affordable!

For more inspiration on materials to use in your rings, pick up a copy of the 2010 edition of Handcrafted Jewelry magazine, our annual special issue devoted to mixed-media jewelry. And let us know what crazy and creative materials you've used for rings! The possibilities seem endless!

Creatively yours,

Debbie Blair

Managing Editor

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