Get Your Sparkle On: Tips for Bead-weaving with Crystals

The Ootheca cuff by Rachel Nelson-Smith is a perfect example of how crystals can provide sparkle without being front and center.

I love bead-weaving with crystals, but I don't think I do it often enough. (Somehow, it just doesn't work for me to wear a crystal bracelet or earrings while we're mucking out our chicken coop or stacking fire wood.) But for the occasions where I do need something sparkly and sophisticated, I certainly have quite a selection of crystal and bead-woven jewelry to choose from!

Crystals need to be treated differently than other beads when you use them for bead-weaving because some of them can have sharp or rough edges that will wear or cut through your beading thread quickly. And after you've spent hours stitching together a piece of beautiful crystal jewelry, you don't want it to fall apart after just one wearing! Take a few precautionary steps to protect your bead-weaving when you use crystal beads, and you'll have a piece of beaded jewelry that you'll be able to wear for years!

  • Use the right thread. Try to avoid using nylon beading threads like Nymo or Silamide when you're bead-weaving with crystals, since these threads can be cut easily on the edges of a crystal bead. If you have to use nylon beading threads, use a double thread or make several passes through the bead. Fishing line-type threads like Fireline and WildFire are my preferred beading thread when I'm bead-weaving with crystals.
    I buffered these crystals with seed beads when I stitched up this right-angle weave pendant chain.
  • Buffer your beads. Because the edges of those crystal beads can wreak havoc on your beading thread, try to buffer your crystal beads with seed beads. String a seed bead before and after you string your crystal bead to keep the thread as far away from the edges of the crystal bead as possible.
  • Easy does it. If you're trying to wiggle your needle through a tight spot that involves a crystal bead, don't force it.Trying to get a needle where it just doesn't want to go is a recipe for disaster on a good day, but there's nothing comparable to the sinking feeling you get watching a crystal bead break in the middle of a beading project. 

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Do you have any tips to share for working with crystals in your bead-weaving?  Leave a comment and share them here on the blog!

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