Get Your Party On by Dressing Up With Beads

Jean Campbell is the senior editor of Beadwork and a
contributing editor to Beading Daily

I went through my closet this week to find something to wear to a holiday party I've been invited to between Christmas and New Year's. It's not a fancy party, just a Festivus-style celebration with a few friends, where we'll cut snowflakes, eat Russian teacakes, and sip champagne. Even though it's a low-key event, my closet experience still turned into a spelunking expedition as I dug through everything, becoming frustrated to find only things that just . . . wouldn't . . . work.

I'm guessing my experience isn't unique. Whether it's a work party, family gathering, or a New Year's Eve soiree, we want to spruce it up a bit more at this time of year, and I find that the workhorse dress I wore to Thanksgiving at my brother's won't quite cut it for this joyous time of year. Whenever I hit a fashion impasse like this, my solution is to pull out my little black dress and go to the beads.

By using my little black dress (or a black sweater and jeans, for that matter) as a simple backdrop, I can adjust my look very easily by making up a beaded ensemble that fits the party I plan on attending. For instance, a pearl bracelet speaks to sweetness and high society, while a full-metal number might come across as a bit rock and roll. Want some direction on how it works? Read on for some suggestions about fitting your beads to your party.


As I mentioned, wearing pearls is all about sweetness and high society, so you might want to sport a pearl ensemble to the holiday party at the golf club. Touch them lightly as you sip your Merlot and discuss plans for a ski vacation in Aspen.


Wearing a necklace festooned with natural stones is the perfect attire to wear to a moonlight gathering celebrating one of the longest nights of the year. You might also like to make your New Year's resolutions at this party and wear stones like jade to bring about abundance in 2011.


An all-metal necklace, shining like tinsel on a tree, is appropriate for just about any holiday function, but metal beads peppered on a long chain might be the perfect caroling attire. Jingle your beads to the refrain!


If you're going to a fancy-schmancy party, crystals should be your bead of choice. A sparkling crystal necklace around the neck is like an invitation to celebrate, so sweep your beautiful locks into an up-do to show off your bling and dance the night away.

Excited to make up a special piece for your next holiday party? Go no further than the brand-new Bead Star magazine, where the forty-five amazing designs, categorized by bead types, will give you oodles of inspiration. So much inspiration in fact, you might want to throw a different type of party for each piece you make!

Happy beading and the happiest of holidays-

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