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The bead scoop is one of those beading tools that doesn't seem very important. At least, it doesn't seem very important until you find yourself with a huge mess of seed beads on your bead mat that need to go back in their respective tubes to avoid creating yet another little baggie of bead soup in your stash. Am I right? After finding myself caught in places like airports and trains without my favorite bead scoop, when I'm packing my beads for a road trip, even if it's just for a night of beading with friends, I make sure that the first thing that goes into my tote bag is my bead scoop.

Just like any other important beading tool, finding the right bead scoop is really a matter of personal choice. There are lots of different kinds of bead scoops available out there, but here are the three that I use the most often when I'm beading:

The EZ Scoop is one of my favorites for quick and easy re-packaging of seed beads. I use this scoop mostly for size 11 and size 8 seed beads, or for whenever I need to put my seed beads back into a narrow plastic tube. If you work in pharmacy, you might recognize these: they are nearly identical to the ones I used to use when I worked as a compounding pharmacy technician to measure and weigh ingredients that went into making custom prescription medications for patients!
Triangle scoops are a must-have for anyone who likes to work with larger beads like fire polish or round druks. Scooping up a large number of 3mm or 4mm beads is much easier when you use one of these bead scoops. The large, triangular shape doesn't allow the beads to roll away as easily as other kinds of bead scoops, and the tips fit nicely into just about any size plastic bag for re-packaging your beads.
Last, but not least, I was given one of these little bead scoops as part of a goody bag when I first started learning how to bead. It's bright purple, and even though it's not very practical for use with larger beads, it works perfectly with my size 15 seed beads when I'm trying to scoop those itty bitty beads back into their plastic tubes and boxes. This is also the scoop that I travel with most often, as it takes up less space in my small carry pouch so that I have more room for the beads.

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