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Watch and learn exciting new jewelry-making techniques with Handcrafted Jewelry Studio eMag

Living in a rural part of New York, I love how I can download a video or a digital magazine and start learning a new jewelry making technique almost instantly. I love teaching myself new projects or jewelry making techniques from books and magazines, but sometimes, darn it, I wish I could see a particular technique being performed.

I have to admit, the first time I saw an eMag, I was totally confused. Was it a digital magazine? Was it a video? After a little exploring on my computer, I was delighted to discover that it was BOTH! With all the same gorgeous projects and step-by-step instructions that you find in your favorite jewelry-making magazine and short instructional videos for the techniques used to make these projects, an eMag really gives you the best of both worlds!


Get expert advice on wire working tools and their uses as well as hints and tips from the wire jewelry pros in Live Wire eMag

When you download an eMag like Handcrafted Jewelry Studio, Everyday Bracelets or Live Wire, you get all the great resources that you'd expect from a printed magazine, including step-by-step directions and detailed supply lists, but you also get videos that show you exactly how to hold your pliers or make a perfect crimp. You'll get tips and hints from today's top jewelry-making experts and designers, and even some fun insight into the favorite bracelet designs of your favorite beading designers.

What else are the benefits of using an eMag? Well, you can print out only the pages you want or need, and store the rest on your desktop or laptop computer. Less space taken up with books and magazines means more space for beads! And because an eMag is a digital product, you can download it instantly which means no cost for shipping and no waiting for the mail delivery.

Clearly marked icons will direct you to your videos, slide shows and downloadable content in your eMag

If you've never used an eMag before, don't worry – there are also step-by-step guides for how to get the most out of your eMag. Simple instructions appear to tell you how to download and install your content, and brightly colored icons tell you where you can find videos, text and photo slideshows. Each eMag is available for both Mac and PC, so you can get the most out of your interactive jewelry-making experience!

Take your jewelry making skills to the next level and find out how easy it is to use an eMag – check out Handcrafted Jewelry Studio, Everyday Bracelets or Live Wire eMags today!

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