Get Started Wire Wrapping With Gemstones – It's Easy!

easy gemstone wire wrapping ring project

Who said that wire wrapping had to be hard? This Chunky Carnelian Ring wire wrapping project by Christine Hayes is so easy, you can complete it in under an hour! Chances are, you already have most of the tools you need to make this easy wire and gemstone ring project. If not, most of them can be found at your local craft store or favorite local bead shop. Once you see how easy it is to make these wire wrapped rings, you'll be searching through your bead stash for more gemstone nuggets, glass beads, or even handmade ceramic beads that you can use while you perfect your wire jewelry making skills. Have fun!


  • 18 or 24-gauge sterling half hard or gold-filled wire, 36"
  • Chunky carnelian nugget bead, or other stone with hole that will accommodate the wire


  • Ring sizer or measuring tape
  • Flush cutters
  • Ring mandrel
  • Small rubber mallet
  • File

Step-by-step instructions:

wire and gemstone ring project Using a ring sizer or measuring tape, measure your rings size. Cut a piece of wire approximately 36" long. String and center the stone on the wire. Fold wire in half, keeping the stone centered.
wire wrapping gemstone ring Place the ring on the mandrel, at a point that is a half size smaller than the finished size. Wrap both of the wires around the mandrel in opposite directions.
gemstone wire wrapping ring Keep the wires flat and parallel to one another on the opposite sides of the stones, so you have a "top" wire and a "bottom" wire. Wrap the wires around the mandrel two or three times, unless you prefer a wider base. For a wider base, cut a longer length of wire.
sizing gemstone wire wrapped ring To create the nest, keep the ring on the mandrel, and firmly wrap the two wires one at a time around the stone, until you achieve the desired effect. Wrap the top wire once, and the bottom wire once, and repeat. The look is purposely freeform. Just be sure to wrap firmly to prevent the nest from unraveling.
wire jewelry making wire wrapped ring Leave about 6" of wire on each end (a left wire and a right wire). Remove the ring from the mandrel. Starting on one side and repeating on the other, loop the wire down through the inside of the nest, thread the wires down and up around the base. Tighten the nest by tugging on the wires gently.
how to make a wire ring To secure, wrap the wires tightly and closely together around the band of the ring at the base of the stone, where the base meets the band, directly under the nest. Snip the wires, and tuck the ends under. If necessary, files the ends lightly.
free wire wrapping ring project Put the ring back on the mandrel. Gently tap the ring down with a small rubber mallet to harden the wire and size the ring. Repeat until the ring is the desired size and shape, being careful to avoid the stone.

Easy peasy, right? This is exactly the kind of project that got me hooked on wire jewelry making projects. If you're ready to dive in and learn more about wire jewelry making techniques and how to do wire wrapping, you'll love Metalwork: Wire Essentials with Denise Peck. Learn from an expert, and see how easy it is to make your own wire jewelry findings like head pins, ear wires, and jump rings in less than a minute with simple jewelry-making pliers and a few inches of wire. Download your copy of Metalwork: Wire Essentials and jump start your wire wrapping skills.

Do you have any great wire wrapping tips for us? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share your best advice for learning how to do wire wrapping!

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