Get Published! Tips from the Editor of Stringing Magazine

Submitting Your Jewelry Designs to Magazines

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your original jewelry design in a magazine? 

If you admitted that dream to Stringing editor Danielle Fox, she would say: "Don't be shy–show off your work!" Magazines are always looking for fresh, new, exciting designs to feature. Why not yours? There are more than 100 designs in every issue of Stringing and it's published 4 times a year. That's 400 opportunities–just for one magazine! What are you waiting for?

Are you afraid of rejection? Don't be. My very first submission to Stringing was rejected. I not only lived to tell about it, but I've since had other designs published in Stringing, including two necklaces, a bracelet, and a pair of earring in the new Winter issue. There is nothing quite so satisfying as pulling a magazine off the rack in a bead shop or bookstore and seeing your own design. I did it–and so can you!

Above: My necklace "Reveille" in the Winter 2007 issue of Stringing magazine. 

 "How Do I Submit Designs?" and Other Questions

Danielle Fox, Stringing editor, generously agreed to give us the inside scoop on submitting to Stringing magazine. Here are her answers to some of the most-asked questions:

Q: What kind of submissions are you looking for?
A: Creative necklace, bracelet, and earring designs: Designs that are different than anything that has already been published in Stringing. Designs that make good use of new materials or that use materials in new ways. Designs that will make our readers scream: I have to make that!

Q: How do I submit designs?
A: Visit for the contributor guidelines, deadlines, and issue themes. The guidelines are very thorough and will walk you through the submissions process.

Q: Must I send in actual pieces, or can I e-mail you pictures of my work?
A: We must receive actual jewelry in order to consider your submissions. Not only will this allow us to see your pieces in their full glory, but it also will allow us to move forward as quickly as possible once we’ve made selections.

Q: Do I need to write instructions and give resource information for all my pieces?
A: We only need instructions for necklaces and bracelets intended to be featured on a full page. If you submitted earrings and/or easy bracelets intended for the earring or bracelet galleries, you do not need to include instructions. We do, however, need detailed resource information for every item submitted. Please clearly list where you purchased each material used in each project (as far as is possible).

Q: I’m afraid to write instructions! What if they aren’t good enough?
A: Check out our contributor guidelines. There you will find a bunch of tips for writing instructions. The best things you can do, however, are:

  1. Provide a very thorough materials list
  2. Look through past issues of Stringing and model your instructions after a piece similar to yours. We edit each and every project many times, so be assured we will help you out!

Q: When will I find out if my pieces have been accepted?
A: Soon after your pieces arrive at our office, we will send you a postcard confirming their receipt. We will contact you when we’ve decided which pieces will go in the magazine. Please be patient as the selection process may take a couple of weeks.

Q: What do I get if my work is accepted?
A: International fame! Your beautifully photographed piece will grace the pages of our much-loved publication. Oh, and we pay, too! You get $60 for each full-page project; $15 for each bracelet and pair of earrings.

Q: When will I get my pieces back?
A: If none of your pieces are accepted, we will return them right away. (Give us about two weeks from the submissions deadline, please.) If any of your pieces are accepted, we will return all of your accepted and unaccepted pieces when the magazines come back from the printer. That way you get your jewelry, your payment, and complimentary magazines all at once. This means your pieces will be with us for about four months. 

 Thanks, Danielle! If you have any other questions for Danielle Fox about submitting your work for publication or about Stringing magazine, please post them in the comments section.

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Michelle Mach is the editor of Beading Daily. She finds that one of the hardest parts of submitting designs to magazines is having to come up with jewelry designs for summer when it is snowing outside!

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