Get More Out of Your Peyote Stitch Projects with Jean Power

From Jennifer: If you liked today's Beading Daily guest blog from bead artist Jean Power, take a look at some advice from her on how we can get more out of our peyote stitch projects!

Peyote Stitch: Versatile and Reversible

The only downside of beading, as I see it, is that it takes so long! As I create a piece of beadwork, my mind is always racing ahead with ways I can alter it and create a variation as my next project…and then I remember I probably have another 30 hours to put in on the piece in my hands before I can even think about getting there.

In the absence of beading elves finishing my work for me when I'm asleep I decided to take a different viewpoint. I realized I couldn't shorten the time needed to make a necklace, warp speed isn't available to us beaders just yet, so I pondered doing the seemingly illogical, making two things at once so those 30 hours would still need to be spent beading but at the end I would have two, or three, or even more, pieces created all at once. That was when my focus on making reversible, interchangeable and versatile jewellery began.

Now when I begin a design I immediately look for how I can get more out of it. Can I make it reversible, as all 3 of my new projects in the e-book are, or can it be made in components so that you can change the look or colour scheme depending on your mood or even simply being wearing it as soon as you have beaded one piece and you're working on the next  40 add them as you go.

My Interlocking Crystals project is a great example of a time-consuming project but once which you can begin wearing within a couple of hours as even just one single component looks great threaded onto a chain. Keep beading and soon you have 40+ which make for a showstopper of a piece but which can be broken down for a more casual look.

My advice for getting more out of your beading is to take a look at what you're creating and see if subtle changes can give you more. Can the reverse can be altered to give you a different look? Can the centerpiece come off the beaded rope so that you can swap them around as desired? Can the pendant also function as a brooch? Can the components slip onto hoop earrings for a new look?…the list is endless so enjoy getting more out of your beadwork.

You can see more of Jean's fantastic beading patterns and tutorials, read her blog, and get her teaching schedule at her website,

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