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Have you checked out TierraCast’s selection of Quick Kits yet? I recently did and am a big fan of not only the final product but the process as well! These kits are available in a variety of different styles, which means there is bound to be one you will enjoy, too! Their Quick Kits are known for being ‘easy peasy’ but enjoyable for all skill levels, from someone who has never worked with beads to experienced artists. Each kit also involves some sort of leather working which we all know is hot right now!

I completed the Lazy Zigzag Bracelet and love that everything came included in the kit aside from tools! This was really convenient for someone like me who doesn’t have a bunch of extra components in my minuscule stash! The only tools I needed were scissors, jewelry adhesive, and flat nose pliers—easy enough!

I am a big fan of color and also like to put a personal touch on things, so for both of these reasons I decided to incorporate Hemptique’s hemp cord into my bracelet (note: this was a bit of a challenge because the cord made it more difficult to fit through the beads)! An easier way to add color may be to slip on some additional beads of your choice here and there, but make sure the holes are large enough for the leather cord.

TierraCast’s instructions were easy to follow from beginning to end, including images and figures for a more detailed visual aid. The kit was a perfect short Friday afternoon project and ready to wear for the weekend! Check out more kits, available at Lima Beads, and make yourself some ‘easy-peasy’ jewelry just in time to show off during the warmer months!

Megan Lenhausen

Assistant Editor

Jewelry Stringing and Beadwork


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