Get Creative With These Beaded Brooch Projects

Beaded brooches are probably the very last type of beaded jewelry that I think of designing when I sit down to make a new piece, right there under “bolo ties” and “cuff links”. But when I came across this blog from Jean Campbell with 5 ways to wear a beaded brooch, I started thinking that maybe I’m overlooking a type of beaded jewelry that has a lot of potential! The art of the beaded brooch has just as much potential for creativity as some of my other favorite types of beaded jewelry. I found beaded brooch projects here that used bead embroidery, bead stringing, bead-weaving, and wire wrapping — all of my favorite jewelry-making techniques.

With both the trappings of a mixed media jewelry-making project and a bead embroidery project, The Passionate Egg by Marlene Blessing is a combination of locket and brooch that you can use to hide a treasured photograph or favorite inspirational quote.
The colorful contrast between metallic seed beads and sparkling crystals makes Jamie Hogsett’s beaded brooch, A Rani’s Paisley, a wonderful bead embroidery project. This is the kind of brooch I’d use to embellish my favorite denim tote bag or my yoga mat bag!
Arlene Baker’s Rose Garden Brooch is a beautiful mix of fabric, wire, and beads. Can you imagine these as stunning hair accessories for a wedding, prom, or graduation?
I don’t usually associate bead-weaving with beaded brooches,  but the Millenium Brooch by Carol Wilcox Wells is a delightful reminder of just how versatile those off-loom beading stitches can be!
And now for something completely different (and ten points to anyone who gets that reference), the Bohemian Rhapsody Necklace by Denise Yezbak Moore is a wonderful way to turn a piece of treasured family jewelry into a wearable work of art.

Now I’m looking differently at my favorite beading projects, wondering how I can turn beaded components for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings into beaded brooches. What a fun creative challenge for me! After flipping through the newest issue of Beadwork magazine, I’m imagining all kinds of ways to turn these other beaded jewelry designs into beaded brooches. When you subscribe to Beadwork magazine, you’ll get six issues full of innovative beading projects to inspire you while you refine your bead-weaving and jewelry-making skills!

Do you have a favorite tip or finding for making beaded brooches? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share your ideas with us!

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