Get Creative with Bella Beaded Jewelry and the Interweave Hurt Book Sale

I loved the idea of using these sparkly fibers to make some easy Italian-style beaded jewelry!

Every once in a while, I feel like I need to take a break from beadweaving. Don't get me wrong,  beadweaving will always be my first love when it comes to making jewelry. But sometimes I want to take a break, let my creative battery recharge, and learn some new techniques that I can use for future projects. My favorite non-beading crafts are knitting and crochet, so I've got a lot of fibers and yarns that I use for making simple scarves and shawls.  I love yarn stores, too. When my mother was designing her own knit and crochet projects during my childhood, we always went to the yarn store with her – but the yarn stores and the fibers available today are so much more interesting than they were thirty years ago! Wouldn't you know it, a lot of those fibers find their way into my beaded jewelry making projects. I've even incorporated some beautiful hand-dyed wool fibers into a bead embroidered pendant!

So I was really excited to get a copy of Bella Beaded Jewelry, a bead-jewelry-making book that I've recently discovered as a new source for inspiration for those times when I just need some jewelry-making projects that don't require hours and hours of stitching. The materials used in these projects include fibers, wire, mesh ribbon, and even safety pins! Every beader that I know (including me) has fibers and a collection of big chunky glass beads in their stash. Get creative and use those beads and fibers to make some fun and funky new jewelry using simple stringing, fiber knotting, easy wirework and yes, even a little bit of beadweaving.

After looking through this jewelry-making book full of gorgeous Italian beaded jewelry designs, I dug through my stash and found these funky metallic fibers that I got from Kreinik a couple of years ago. They've been sitting in my stash just sparkling their little hearts out and they looked perfect when I paired them with some inexpensive and rather large lampwork beads.  Because the large lampwork beads had large holes, I could easily fit several strands of these fibers through each bead, and then knotted them to keep the beads in place.  The result: a stunning, European-inspired necklace that will look great for my next "date night" with my husband. 

Now, if you're wondering what a "Hurt Book" sale is, I can explain that, too.  Ever summer, Interweave holds a special sale on books that are slightly bent or bruised, or maybe just taking up too much space in the warehouse. The books are actually still in good condition, but might have a ding or a little scuff or a bent page here and there.  But the last time I ordered my books through the Hurt Book sale, I couldn't find a single bent page, scratch or scuff on any of them!  (Now, of course, they are full of well-loved, dog-eared pages and my little pencil scribbles.)  It's really a great opportunity to stock up on all those Interweave beading book titles that you've been wanting at great discounted prices!

If you're inspired by these gorgeous Italian jewelry-making projects in Bella Beaded Jewelry, you can get your copy now during the Interweave Hurt Book Sale. Check the Interweave Store for some fabulous "hurt" books to add to your beading book collection!

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