Get 6 New Free Wire Projects

Jean Campbell

Last year I traveled to the Tucson bead shows with a friend who will remain nameless a) because most of you know who she is, and b) you’d just be dang jealous. You’d not only be jealous because I got to travel with her (she’s one of the grande dames of beading!), but jealous because she’s a master at getting stuff for free. I’m telling you, this lady can talk her way into a free lunch, a discounted hotel room, or a reduced-rate car rental quicker than you can say “double-coupon Tuesday."

I, on the other hand, am horrible at this, so I took copious notes. Seems as though winking helps . . . and lots of jokes . . . oh, and rapid-fire, firm suggestions to store managers seem to help, too. But who am I kidding? I’ll never be able to pull off that kind of bold behavior. I DO know where to get free stuff on Beading Daily, though! Not only are there dozens of free projects available on Beading Daily but just look at the column to your right . . . see all those free downloads? Those are like mini magazines, and they really are free. No obligations, other than to become a Beading Daily member (which also costs zilch), and there’s nothing to do but download and create. Here's what I think about these projects, and a bit more about each design quoted right from the book to free your desire for wire. Enjoy!

Ballpoint Earrings

Ballpoint Earrings by Karen Tihor

New to wireworking? Try this super easy project that will make your ears all swirly.

These are easy little earrings that can be made quickly with the simplest of tools. The earring is worn by actually winding the spiraled part of the wire through the ear, making them easy to wear, but impossible to lose!

Knot Bangle

Spiraled Toggle meets the Spiraled Knotted Bangle by Pepper Mentz

The title of this project reads like a long movie title, but the project itself—which features coiling wire—isn’t tough to make at all.

As many of us know, one project often leads into another. Pepper felt this toggle was so much fun to make she decided to create an entire bangle in the same style.

Bangle Bracelet

Bangle Bracelet by Connie Fox

Connie has created a design that's so easy and comfortable, you’ll probably wear it out from overuse.

Practice with copper wire first before moving to the more expensive sterling silver. This beginner project includes step-by-step photographs.

Geometric Bracelet  

Geometric Bracelet by Jodi Bombardier

Providing a little more challenge, this project is the pinnacle of wirework chic. Like Mondrian meets Fred Flintstone.

This bracelet can take on different looks by making it wide or narrow, using different-colored wires, or hammering your frame for texture before adding beads–just have fun with your imagination.

Moroccan Dangle  

Moroccan Dangle Necklace by Barb Switzer

This little beauty reads like a lacy stitched collar, but huzzah! It’s made with wire, which means it would probably survive a desert caravan ride.

Barb was inspired to make this necklace by an incredible Moroccan dining experience. The restaurant's decor was very ornate, and all the arches and doorways were surrounded by tile mosaics. The curves and colors of this necklace are inspired by the exotic shapes and spices of faraway places.

Queen of Hearts  

Queen of Hearts Necklace by Heidi Hermreck

A cacophony of chain and beaded dangles, putting this project together would be great practice for wrapped loops, and the resulting piece would be the perfect accessory for Valentine’s Day . . . or President’s Day . . . or Groundhog Day . . . or Secretary’s Day . . .

This necklace combines a detailed chain with an eye-catching centerpiece and vivacious charms filled with Venetian glass beads, Swarovski crystals, and American-made cane glass.

So there you have it—six great wireworked projects to play with. Got any other suggestions for where to find free beady stuff or how I can reduce the rate on my hotel room in Tucson in February? Tell us about it here on Beading Daily.

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