Gemstones With Heart For Your Summer Beading Projects

Ah, the summer solstice! My favorite time of year, where we can spend long evenings lazing down the river in our canoe, eating ice cream, catching lightning bugs, and have pretty much every meal outdoors to soak up the light and the warmth. I love reading about how ancient cultures revered and celebrated this time of year, when they gave offerings and thanks for the energy and the power that came down from the sun. Pretty cool stuff, right?

Some ancient cultures also believed that certain gemstones should be worn during this period of warmth and light to heal and protect both body and soul. And because I just love all the metaphysical beliefs about gemstones, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite summertime gemstones as inspiration for your next jewelry-making project!

Labradorite is commonly found on the Labrador Peninsula in Canada, as well as in Norway and Russia. Whiteface Mountain, here in upstate New York, is also home to a spectacular deposit of this flashy gemstone! Use labradorite in your summer jewelry designs to stimulate your imagination and enthusiasm. (For more beading projects, no doubt.)
Peridot. The intense, clear green of peridot has been used to make jewelry since the time of the Crusades, when soldiers visiting far-flung islands brought it back to Europe. It's that lovely green color that makes peridot perfect for jewelry-making projects when the landscape is full of lush, green plants. Peridot is used to protect against negative emotions, and it's said that some very sensitive people can feel the soothing affect of this gemstone when it is worn against the throat.
Sunstone is highly appropriate for summertime gemstone jewelry. Practitioners of earth magic use sunstone for healing and protection, including harnessing your own power of self-healing and giving support to the immune system during periods of illness or stress. The orange and gold sparkles made early folk healers believe that sunstone was created from bits of sunlight that fell to Earth.
Citrine. Capture the beautiful gold of the summer sun when you include a little bit of citrine in your jewelry-making projects. This form of quartz is believed to help wearers boost their self-confidence, as well as giving the ability to make good business decisions without doubting. Mix it with brown gemstones for grounding, orange gemstones for balance, or with other yellow gemstones to increase your feelings of self-worth.
Rose quartz. One of my favorite year-round gemstones, rose quartz is particularly suited for summer jewelry-making because of its heart-opening metaphysical properties. Rose quartz is believed to promote a sense of inner peace in all who wear it, and making the wearer more receptive to love. Rose quartz also helps facilitate the expression and communication of love, so making a piece of jewelry for your best friend with your favorite rose quartz beads would be a nice surprise this summer!

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