How to Make Meaningful Jewelry with Gemstones

Healing stones are a big trend in beaded jewelry right now. People wear mala beads and other meaningful gemstone jewelry for comfort, protection, balance, and other benefits. Ancient Egyptians used healing stones such as amethyst and quartz, making today’s obsession both ancient and modern.

I love the look and feel of gemstones, and it’s fun to learn about them. If you’re just getting started, there are myriad ways to educate yourself. You can start with something simple like the Gemstone Collection Box (affiliate link), or comb through websites for all types of stone beads.

Here are some ideas for getting started making your own meaningful gemstone jewelry:

Tranquility Necklace by Rejetta Sellers

Tranquility Necklace by Rejetta Sellers

Tranquility Necklace

Light green quartzite rounds draw the eye to this Tranquility Necklace by Rejetta Sellers. It’s accented with a koi pendant and a pair of Mala counters with prayer beads and tassels. Quartzite is a good balancing stone and helps protect from anxiety. Rudraksha seeds are often used as prayer beads in Hinduism, and they’re believed to possess many healing attributes, too.

Turquoise Textures gemstones necklace by Lisa Lampe

Turquoise Textures by Lisa Lampe

Turquoise Textures

The Turquoise Textures necklace by Lisa Lampe features turquoise chips. Prominent in ancient Egyptian adornment, turquoise has been revered by many cultures including Native American tribes. It’s an all-around healing stone that has protective qualities as well as being associated with powerful spiritual energy. When worn near the throat chakra, like this necklace, turquoise is said to aid communication.

Spring Raindrops gemstones earrings by Kathy Thompson

Spring Raindrops Earrings by Kathy Thompson

Spring Raindrops

These Spring Raindrops Earrings by Kathy Thompson feature steel wire-wrapped aventurine teardrops. They’re easy to make and they’re great for everyday wear, since aventurine has a positive, calming effect. Many people use aventurine to focus their meditation practices. It radiates positivity and nurtures transition. It’s also considered to be the luckiest gemstone.

Amethyst Fringe Cuff by Perie Brown

Amethyst Fringe Cuff by Perie Brown

Amethyst Fringe Cuff

Create this Amethyst Fringe Cuff by Perie Brown in a classic peyote band. Then, add fringe with amethyst nuggets and pearls. Amethyst is traditionally associated with spirituality, and is used to stimulate the third eye chakra. The third eye chakra is the center of intuition in the body. Many people keep amethyst near their beds to encourage calm sleep and prevent insomnia. Pearls also have a variety of properties, including assistance with concentration.

Gemstones & More

Whether you geek out over gemstone facts, or just enjoy incorporating them into your jewelry making practice, have fun! For more tips about healing stones, read Enhance Your Creativity with Gemstone Beads, and see the links below for more gemstone resources.

Happy beading,
Katie Hacker
Interim Managing Editor of Beadwork

Use gemstones in your jewelry creations with these ideas:

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