Gandolf – Dumbledore Black & Green Braid Beadwork Choker

Is it Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, or Dumbledore from Harry Potter? The fun is that you can choose.

The necklace measures 15 1/2 inches and has a 3 inch silver extender chain and lobster clasp.

The wizard has his arms raised up, staff ready – to break the rock and release the sun on the trolls or is he helping Harry defeat Voldemort? There's a story here for you to create.

The pewter is beautifully cast with full details – you can even see the mouth through the beard and his eyes beneath the hat. On the back,his robes flow and move with the breeze.

The necklace is a braid of iridescent black and green with a shimmering black as accent.

The piece ends with pewter cones, a silver extender chain and a lobster clasp. Each strand of the necklace is strung on nymo nylon beading thread for strength and durability.

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