Fun With Fringe (Free Project!)

Inspired by the fringe trend that has found traction in the fashion world lately, I made this pair of super simple, super stylish fringe earrings. I was so pleased with how they turned out that I decided to share them with you! I chose gray beading thread, gold fire-polished rondelles, and some simple gold ear wires, but don't be afraid to get creative with your materials and components. (I am itching to make a pair with metallic embroidery thread now…)

Step 1: Wrap your thread tightly around a credit card. (As you can see here, a six-month old birthday gift card is an acceptable substitute if you don't have a credit card handy…) The more times you wrap around the card, the thicker your fringe will be. I wrapped my thread all the way around the card about 30 times.
Step 2: Use a 3" piece of thread to tie a double knot around all of your wrapped strands. 
Step 3: Make sure your knot is secure and then slide your thread wraps off of the card. Cut the thread loops. To make sure that all of your threads are cut at the same length, pull your knotted thread away from your scissors as you cut.
Step 4: Make a wire coil around all of your threads just below the knotted thread. The coil should be tight enough that it does not slide up or down.

Step 5: Use 5" of wire to make a wrapped loop that is attached to the thread loop you just created. Snip your knotted thread off. Use the wire end to string one bead. Make another wrapped loop that attaches to one ear wire.


Repeat Steps 1 – 5 for a second earring.

And voila:

…a lovely pair of handmade fringe earrings!

These earrings are a great way to experiment with a fun trend without sinking a lot of money (and time) into a project.  Added perk: They are really lightweight, which is always a big plus for people with sensitive ears, like me!

If you make up a pair of these fun fringe earrings, send a picture to and we will post it on our website!

Stay tuned for the Winter 2013 issue of Jewelry Stringing (on newsstands December 11th, 2012) for more fantastic fringe designs.





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