Fun Fall Earring Making Project from Our Friends at Prima Bead


Just like every other beader I know, I was thinking about why I love earring making so much during the long drive to pick up my son from kindergarten the other day. Because, really, for so many years as a bead artist, I struggled to make intricate, elaborate beaded earrings. It was so hard for me to make earrings! I could pull off a huge necklace design with my eyes closed, but when it came to designing beaded earrings, I would much rather have gone for a root canal.

I finally discovered that even if designing elaborate, intricate earring making projects wasn’t my “thing”, I could still make simple beaded earring designs that were just as beautiful. Check out this free fall earring making project from our friends at Prima Bead, just in time for your Thanksgiving holiday!

Fall Inspired Earring Making Projects

Materials (Kellen Earrings, Top)

  • 1 package Copper Connectors
  • 1 package Copper Accents
  • 1 package Copper Findings Pack

(Abby Earrings, Bottom)

  • 1 pack Antique Gold Accents
  • 1 pack Gold Leaf Charms
  • 1 pack Antique Gold Findings
  • 1 pack 4mm Orange/Yellow Rondelles

Tools (for both earring making projects)

  • Needle nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters

Step-by-step Instructions:

Kellen Earrings: 1. Connect an earring wire to one end of the copper connector.

2. Use a 4mm jump ring to attach a copper accent to the other loop of the connector.

3. Repeat steps 1-2 for the matching earring.

Abby Earrings: 1. Connect 5 of the 6mm jump rings together.

2. Attach a charm to one end of the linked jump rings.

3. Using a 4mm jump ring, attach an earring wire to the other end of the 6mm jump rings.

4. Attach the jump rings of the leaf charms to the linked jump rings from Step 1. Attach two charms on each side of the 6mm jump rings.

5. Make 4 orange bead drops and 4 yellow bead drops. Randomly attach the bead drops to all of the jump rings.

6. Repeat Steps 1-5 for the matching earring.


Need some more great earring making ideas for the holidays? You’ll love the earring projects in Create Christmas Jewelry: 12 Holiday Earrings, from the editors of Beadwork and Bead Stringing magazines. Whether you love mixed media jewelry techniques like resin and paper, bead-weaving with seed beads, or metal stamping, you’ll find beautiful holiday earring making projects that you can wear right on through until spring! Download your copy of Create Christmas Jewelry: 12 Holiday Earrings and decorate yourself this holiday season.

Do you have a special holiday earring making tradition? Is there one pair of special earrings that you only wear during the holidays? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and tell us about your favorite special earrings for the holiday season!

Bead Happy,


P.S. You can find the complete resource list including item numbers for the free earring making projects in today’s blog on the Prima Bead website. Happy earring making!

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