Full of Cups Bracelet

This tutorial from The Potomac Bead Company teaches you how to make our "Full Around Cups" bracelet design,  using Cup Buttons, SuperDuo Beads, Rulla Beads, and Miyuki 8/0 & 11/0 seed beads. The clasp (loop) of this bracelet is also designed to fit over one of the cup buttons and be camouflaged right into the bracelet.  Sometimes it will also be designated "Full Of Cups."  See the links below to find the products used in this new beadweaving design!

Our Website:


Cup Buttons – http://www.potomacbeads.com/Czech-Cup-Buttons-s/2689.htm

SuperDuos – http://www.potomacbeads.com/Czech-SuperDuo-Beads-s/2453.htm
Rullas – http://www.potomacbeads.com/Czech-Rulla-Beads-s/2452.htm
Miyuki 11/0 – http://www.potomacbeads.com/Miyuki-Seed-Beads-11-0-s/2464.htm
Miyuki 8/0 – http://www.potomacbeads.com/Miyuki-Seed-Beads-8-0-s/2467.htm
Wildfire – http://www.potomacbeads.com/Wildfire-Beading-Thread-s/2505.htm

Used in the purple bracelet:

Cup Buttons (Opal Red Luster) #42986:

Rulla (White Gray Luster) #75559:
(currently out of stock, can use jet old silver or labrador full matte)

SuperDuo (Jet Copper) #75907:

Miyuki 11/0 Seed Beads (S/L Smokey Amethyst) #70061

Miyuki 8/0 Seed Beads (Crystal Labrador Silver) #76701
(currently out of stock, you can used galvanized silver)

Beadalon Thread (White .015) #10029:

Size 10 Beading Needles #675

Super New Glue #2927

Bead Mat #1380

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