Freshen Your Beadwork with the Color Green


Add green to your seed bead palette
I’ve been watching the tundra I live on come to life these past few weeks. The leaves are budding, the grass is verdant, and everything around me feels lush and wonderful. After so many months of autumnal brown followed by so many months of winter white . . . all of this life-giving, abundant green is rejuvenating! 

Being outside this spring, surrounded by all that green, made me start thinking about the color itself. As humans, we naturally associate the color green with life. From algae floating on a mill pond to rolling plains of grasses to mammoth stands of mountain spruce, green is the chlorophyllic element that helps keep the world going.

The personality of green
When it comes to jewelry design, however, green might not always be your go-to color for one reason or another. I happen to adore the color green and use it often in my designs. So, for those of you who stumble around green, I thought I’d dig through my seed beads and do some color studies to show how green can be used to add a little life to a piece:

Lime and kelly green are great paired with red, yellow, and orange. It’s a lively combination that makes me want to dance a little salsa.
Forest green is a great complement to berry and bronze. The green helps the berry glow so that it can stand up to the metallic bronze. This palette evokes changing fall leaves, ripe apples, and rich plaids.
Metallic mint green gives this sea of blues an oceanic, tranquil quality. Go more gray-green to make a stormy sea or go more blue-green for a calm one.
See how that little pop of spring green helps set off the pink, keeping the palette from looking too primary? Balancing the colors correctly is what would be important for an India-inspired palette like this. 
Do you love green?
Don't miss a single verdant project when you subscribe to Beadwork. Check out some of the greenery from the April/May issue:

Clockwise from upper left: Wildflower Earrings by Melanie Potter, Stitch Pro lesson by Jean Campbell, Calypso Fans Bracelet by Kathie Rutledge, and Enchanted Necklace by Venetia Perry.

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