Fresh, New Wire Wrapping Projects Just For You!

Learn how to wire wrap jewelry with beads in this free eBook.Of all the jewelry-making supplies out there, my favorite (next to seed beads, of course) has to be wire. I wasn’t always a fan of wire wrapping techniques, but once I saw just how versatile it is, I started reading up on my wire wrapping tutorials wherever I could.

Wire and beads can be used to create simple wrapped loops that can be used to create elegant wire wrapped jewelry, handmade clasps and jewelry findings, and beautiful, intricate wire jewelry. Learning just a few simple wire wrapping techniques can help you turn your beaded jewelry from ordinary into extraordinary, with just a few twists of the pliers!



Our FREE eBook contains six great wire wrapped jewelry projects. Learn how to wire wrap rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces using your favorite beads and a spool of wire! Whether you’re just getting started or you’re already a wire wizard, you’re sure to find a new jewelry making project or two in our collection of six free wire wrapped jewelry tutorials:

How to Make an Earring Hook that’s Integrated

Learn how to make an earring hook that's integrated in this free wire wrapping jewelry eBook.
These are easy earrings that can be made very quickly with the simplest of tools. If you love to wire wrap jewelry, you’ll appreciate how this earring is worn by actually winding the spiraled part of the wire through the ear, making these easy to wear but next to impossible to lose! Start this pair of earrings today, and wear them out on the town tonight!

DIY Wire Wrapped Bracelet

Learn how to make this diy wire-wrapped bracelet in this free eBook.
A fun, light, and airy project—a perfect example of how you can make a complete piece of jewelry with just wire and a handful of crystal beads.

Wire Wrapped Bangle Tutorial

You'll love this free wire-wrapped bangle tutorial in this eBook.
Practice with copper wire first before moving to the more expensive sterling silver. This beginner jewelry making project includes step by step jewelry instructions.

DIY Wire Wrapped Ring

Learn how to wire wrap rings in this free wire wrapping jewelry tutorial.
Even a beginner can make Christine Haynes’ Chunky Carnelian Ring using a favorite gemstone nugget and some sterling silver wire. Easy techniques make for a stunning statement ring!

Wire Wrapping Copper Tutorial

Wire-wrapping copper jewelry is easier than you think in this free eBook.
This pendant uses affordable copper wire and handmade lampwork beads to craft a lovely, peaceful pendant.

DIY Wire Wrapped Necklace

Learn how to make this DIY wire-wrapped necklace in this free eBook.
This pendant will really give your skills a workout. Showcase a dramatic gemstone bead when you learn how to wire wrap jewelry.

Creating wire wrapped jewelry is a wonderful way to express your creativity. Using just a few simple tools and a spool of wire, you can learn how to create stunning jewelry using our free tutorials. Once you’ve worked through our six free wire wrapping jewelry projects, you’ll have all the skills you need to start designing and creating your very own jewelry designs!

No matter what kind of wire wrapped jewelry you like to make, check out the wire wrapping instructions in our free eBook, Learn How to Wire Wrap Jewelry: 6 Free Wire Wrapping Jewelry Projects and see just how far a spool of wire can take you.



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