Fresh Beading Style: Chevrons

Chevrons are one of those trends that never go out of style and they’re back in a big way this season. Plus, they’re one of my favorite beading style trends. From home décor to clothing to accessories, chevrons are impactful, graphic elements. They’ve typically been used as insignia in military or police uniforms to indicate rank or years of service, but they have migrated into many other areas of design.

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Chevrons symbolize a variety of ideas. My favorites are creativity, exploration, and an awakened mind. Sometimes, chevrons are depicted as the ends of an arrow: The direction that the V is pointing is the direction you’re supposed to go. Chevrons are generally symbols that remind you to stay on your path.

Whether you use chevron-shaped beads or create beaded chevrons of your own, incorporating chevrons into your designs gives your jewelry an on-trend look. They’re eye-catching and they spice-up jewelry designs. Check out these trendy chevron beading projects.

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Waterfall Pendant by Mandi Bugatti

Waterfall Pendant

The beaded chevrons on Mandi Bugatti’s Waterfall Pendant feature an ombré color pattern. This color scheme lends a fresh look to any geometric shape but it’s especially effective on these chevrons. The chevron form lends itself to the gradual blending of colors.

Mandi is right on target by suspending her beaded chevrons from chain. You can use this technique with any trendy beadwork components. The chain complements the beadwork and lends a very fashion-forward look to the design.

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Swinging Chevron Earrings by Sue A. Neel

Swinging Chevron Earrings

Want to make a trendy beaded gift this holiday season? Sue A. Neel’s Swinging Chevron Earrings are a great choice. The chevrons are made of tubular peyote so they work up quickly. You can change the color combination or number of chevrons to suit your recipient’s style. I love the idea that these chevrons can be a little or a lot.

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Missoni-Inspired Loom Bracelet by Lindsay Burke

Missoni-Inspired Loom Bracelet

Lindsay Burke’s trendy Missoni-Inspired Loom Bracelet is a beautiful excuse to get out your beading loom and make something you’ll wear everyday. Lindsay always designs projects with flair and this bracelet does not disappoint. The chevron pattern is sure to get compliments!

For more beading trends, check out a great blog post about incorporating fashion-forward element into your next beadweaving project.

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