Free Wire-Pendant Tutorial from Beaducation

Nothing could be more fun than making–or wearing–this stylish Spiro pendant! While at Bead Fest Philadelphia a few weeks ago, I spotted Beaducation's Education Lead, Aisha Formanski, wearing one and I just had to find out more!

As it turns out, Beaducation's founder, Lisa Niven Kelly, was inspired by the Spirograph (remember that from childhood?) and string art from days gone by. Lisa offers a free video tutorial on the Beaducation web site here.

I decided to give it a whirl, so to speak, and craft one of my own. Turns out it's super-easy, although I would recommend watching Lisa's entire video before jumping in. In it, she offers a ton of really helpful tips!

Line up your materials and tools: 28-gauge wire, 1" notched washer (available from Beaducation), 18mm crystal rivoli, chain- or flat-nose pliers, and wire cutters. You'll also need a jump ring and chain or ribbon.


Holding a 1" tail of wire behind the pendant, bring your wire through the first notch. Hold the wire taught and wrap it across one edge of the crystal and into a notch toward the bottom (refer to Lisa's video for specifics).


Keep wrapping the crystal in this manner until you reach the notch you started with.

Join your two "tails" of wire in the back and twist together (again, refer to the video for tips).

Voilá!  Isn't this the coolest? I can't wait to wear it! And with the holidays coming up, I think I'll make several more to give as gifts!

Happy crafting!

Debbie Blair

Managing Editor

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