Free Wire-Hoop Earring Project: Easier than Ever!

Hard-wired history–
We’re lucky to be jewelry artists today. Anything we want is so readily available. I wonder what artisans had to endure B.C. (before computers!) to get their materials, let alone get materials ready-to-use.

Take wire, for instance. We get our wire already made, in a zillion gauges and colors and metals and shapes. In ancient Rome, wire was cut from sheets of metal, then hammered and shaped by hand. Sounds dreadfully tedious.

By medieval times, wire was shaped by drawing sheets of hammered metal through plates, but still by hand. My arms hurt just thinking about it! Who would have the energy to make jewelry after that?

Simple design solutions
Making wire was such an ordeal, it’s no wonder early artisans crafted simple designs. These variations of hoop earrings most likely came from ancient Rome about A.D 2 but they're timeless in their style. Note the nicely crafted wire wrapping and tapered ends and the design progression from plain to braided. I bet you can picture yourself making something similar even if you're a beginner wireworker. (All photos are courtesy of, purveyor of museum-quality antiquities.)
simple wire hoop, circa Rome 2AD
These are so simple, they
look completely doable.
twisted wire hoop, Rome 2 AD
A twist of your pliers would
give square wire a similar look.

Two wires cleverly crisscross
to look like braid.

Wire designs for years to come
Make some history of your own with the wire designs in Easy Wire. Have the projects instantly with the digital download version. We sure are lucky today, to get what we want (inspiring, easy, stylish, and affordable projects) when we want it (now)!

FREE hoop-earring project for you!
Hoop earrings are just as popular as ever, which says a lot about their enduring appeal. Make these Fanciful Hoop Earrings by Stephanie Riger with cube beads and wire wrapping, and see if you garner some hoopla for yourself.

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