Free Video: Learn Peyote Stitch Today

The Peyote Stitch Stomp
by Leslie Rogalski

Taking it from the top
In my beginner tap class we practice the basic steps over and over.  Single taps, single flaps. The fun part is adding sounds to the basic taps, taking a shuffle and making it double shuffle, then combining basics into a time step, a double time step, a triple buck time step! The more sounds we make, the better it sounds! Plus, we put attitude into our arms, shoulders and hands to further embellish the basics. Though we are mostly beginners, we have advanced dancers taking our class to keep their basic skills sharp.

Please welcome . . . DOODLEBEADS!

We’re excited to present a uniquely entertaining series of seed bead video lessons—Doodlebeads! The first one teaches even-count peyote, and the combination of visuals and sound is sure to make the stitch technique come to life for you.  Between Doodlebeads and the peyote projects in the March April issue of Step by Step Beads, you’ll be a prima beaderina in no time! Check out the premiere DOODLEBEADS and let us know what you think!

Step by Step Beads is just like becoming a better dancer. We teach the basics in fun and easy projects, but we show you ways to add to those basic techniques for a cool finished piece. For instance, our March/April issue has a focus on peyote stitch. There are four projects that use even count peyote—probably the most popular basic seed bead stitch—but each project reveals a variation, a way to get more “sounds” from the stitch.

  • The first step:  Lucie’s Branching Out reveals how to make a striped beaded bead, which you string with trendy Lucite.
  • Add attitude with embellishment:  Poodle Beads is about looping a fringe around a beaded bead. This project will be on Beads, Baubles and Jewels TV in May 2009! 
  • Vary your tempo: Ahead of the Curve steps up the pace by revealing how simply changing your bead sizes adds movement to simple peyote.
  • Bring it all together: Buckle Earrings teaches you how to decrease peyote stitch into a nice pointed tip, then attach your peyote strip to a fabulous crystal component.

Free Easy Peyote Stitch Ring Project

Talk about yummy finger food! Make lots of Leslie Rogalski’s easy peyote rings for every finger—and give yourself a hand for stitching basic peyote to create fun, fast jewelry. Be sure to gesture elegantly during conversation so your rings can be seen!

Start this fun peyote stitch pattern today (or one of four other peyote stitch projects) when you download our latest free eBook:  Peyote Stitch Projects with Beading Daily: 5 FREE Peyote Stitch Patterns.

Leslie Rogalski has a degree in illustration and design, and she sold wearable art and handwoven beaded art at the American Craft Council Shows and Buyers Market before joining Interweave in 2005.  In addition to being editor in chief of Step by Step Beads, she often teaches at Bead Fest and is a presenter on the PBS-TV series Beads, Baubles, and Jewels 

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