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Making Resin Jewelry free VideoMaking resin jewelry is a great pastime and can also help to keep you fashionably current. On top of that handcrafted jewelry makes a wonderful gift. Not only is it a gift from the heart, it also can be designed to be a totally personal piece, incorporating the recipient’s favorite colors, style, and even sentiments. Whether you’re making a traditional or a mixed-media piece of jewelry, there are a variety of materials, techniques, and embellishments you can use.

I have made earrings with beads, experimented with wire, and recently even made a pendant using wood scraps, ribbon, and beads. And of course, who hasn’t strung beads? But I had yet to try resin in my jewelry making; that is until now.

Making resin jewelry isn’t rocket science, but I found seeing the process really helped. I watched this free mixed-media jewelry techniques featuring Kristal Wick and I was glad I did. One of the tricks I learned was how to cover bubbles. The three small silver pieces cover the worst of the bubbles on my piece and, I think, add a little pizzazz.

Resin jewelry can be as simple or complicated as you choose to make it. You can use resin jewelry molds and create transparent beauties, or you can use bezels and contain the resin within a store-bought shape or a bezel fashioned from another item you choose, as long as it can hold some resin.

For my piece (pictured right), I cut a circle of fabric; glued it in place on the bezel, making sure to push out any air pockets; added the resin; and waited for it to cure.
Making Resin Jewelry Barbara Delaney
I learned a lot in my first foray into resin jewelry making:

  • There are different types of resin. The product I used took a very long time to cure.
  • I discovered there’s more to making resin jewelry than just knowing how to mix the resin.
  • Don’t assume because you don’t see bubbles immediately you’re out of the woods. I ended up with some very fine bubbles throughout and a few larger ones, too.

I enjoyed learning how to make resin jewelry, but I admit I wasn’t very adventurous. Next time I make resin jewelry, which will be soon, I’d like to embed some items in the resin, and even add more resin to get a dome effect.

Watch this free video and get started creating unique handcrafted jewelry using resin techniques today!  Please remember to share your resin jewelry making adventures with us below. . .

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