Free Quick-and-Easy Necklace Project

I've been so excited about the themes for the Summer 2013 issue of Jewelry Stringing, one of which is "Modern Cowgirl," that when I came across a sheet of western-themed clip art in our stash, I just had to whip up a fun cowgirl necklace for myself!

You can, too, in just a few easy steps! You'll need to round up the following:

Materials–a chain, a few beads, an eye pin, beading wire, 2 crimp tubes, a bezel, a photo or clip art, and embellished chain or other ephemera to place inside the pendant. You'll also need some multi-purpose glue, jewelry cement, and decoupage medium.

Tools–scissors, a small paint brush, wire cutters, round-nose pliers, chain- or flat-nose pliers, and some crimping pliers.


1. Trace around the bezel and cut out the image. I found that I needed to trim the edges a hair at a time until the image fit down into the bezel just right.

2. Use multi-purpose glue to attach the image to the inside of the bezel. Paint a coat of decoupage medium on the image to seal it, then let dry.

3. Using jewelry cement, affix beaded chain or other embellishments to the inside edge of the bezel.

4. Attach the eye pin to the top of the bezel. String a glass round and form a simple loop.

5. To assemble the necklace, use 8" of beading wire to string 1 crimp tube and one end of your desired chain; pass back through the tube and crimp. String 24 turquoise 4x3mm rondelles and the simple loop attached to the pendant. String 24 turquoise rondelles, 1 crimp tube, and the other end of your chain; pass back through the tube and crimp.

I made this necklace long enough to slip over my head, but if you choose to make yours shorter, simply attach a clasp to the back of your chain. You can leave the necklace "as is," or fill the pendant with resin for a more finished look and added durability. After trimming the image to fit inside the bezel, you'll want to use decoupage medium to coat the edges of the image as well as the front and back. Once dry, fit the image inside the bezel, add the ephemera, and fill with resin.

Feeling cowboy-inspired? Click here to check out the themes and contributor guidelines for our Summer 2013 issue and send us your designs!

Happy crafting,

Debbie Blair, Managing Editor

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