Free How-to Videos for Basic Techniques

Do you know how to make wrapped-loop bails, tie lark's head knots, or use ribbon ends? If not, I invite you to view the free technique videos I filmed a bit ago. They're all housed on Beading Daily for easy access.

We have 15 stringing-related how-to videos on Beading Daily. And illustrations like this, too!

Here's a list of the techniques we've covered: Wrapped loop bails + Wrapped-loop links + Wrapped-loop dangles + Simple loops + Simple-loop links + Simple-loop dangles + Crimping + Crimp beads + Crimp covers + Square knot + Overhand knot + Lark's head knot + Jump rings + Pass through v. pass back through + French wire + Crimp, cord & ribbon ends.

If following text and illustrations is more your style, we have that, too. Just go to the FREE RESOURCES tab and click on the Beading Techniques, Tools, and How-To Articles tab.

I hope you enjoy these helpful tools!

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