How to Sell Jewelry Online: Tips on Making Money From Handmade Beaded Jewelry

Learn how to sell jewelry online like a pro with this FREE guide.Have you ever imagined what it would be like to earn money doing something you love, like making beaded jewelry? A home-based jewelry business is a great way to bring in extra income, and you don’t even need to own a gallery or a shop to sell your handmade jewelry, but where to start? Learn how to sell jewelry online the right way with this FREE guide.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that when I sell my jewelry at craft shows and through galleries, I take great pride in knowing that my jewelry-making skills are appreciated by my customers. I’ve worked hard to perfect my craft, and so have you!

Learn expert jewelry selling tips from successful craft business owners. You can learn how to sell jewelry at jewelry shows and improve your home-based Etsy business with this free eBook; full of manageable ideas to get a plan of action in place for a truly successful jewelry-making business. Regardless of whether your ultimate goal is to have a catalog, sales reps, your own gallery, or be a private stylist to movie stars—it’s important to consider participating in some bead and jewelry shows. Jewelry craft shows can prepare you for any other direction you decide to take your craft business. At jewelry craft shows, you can learn to make money selling jewelry by gaining exposure and experience with the public, as well as networking with other business owners who sell handcrafted jewelry.

The lessons and experience you gain from selling beaded jewelry at jewelry craft shows is priceless, but shows can also be very profitable. A successful jewelry making business tends to grow from word of mouth, and gaining and maintaining a loyal customer base. Learn how to sell your jewelry and make a profit selling at jewelry shows today with these exclusive tips.

So you know that you want to start selling your jewelry or you want to start a home based jewelry business, but you don’t know where to begin. You’ll need jewelry display ideas and information about how to set up and sell at jewelry craft shows. We’ve assembled a great collection of basic how-to articles and blogs to get you started selling your handmade beaded jewelry!

Learning how to sell jewelry online is demystified with these FREE resources:

How I Learned to Sell My Jewelry at Craft Shows During Tough Times

How I Learnt to Sell My Jewelry at Craft Shows During Tough Times. Learn about these tips and more in this FREE eBook on how to sell jewelry online and at home.
By Denise Peck
There are so many fun things about doing jewelry craft shows: getting outdoors, meeting new people, developing relationships with customers and other artists, and of course being able to make money selling craft! Doing bead and jewelry shows can also be very hard work and there’s been lots written on how to assure success at shows. You’ve probably heard a lot of it. Make eye contact, don’t sit all day, and encourage people to come into your booth. Learn easy and fun steps to successful jewelry selling at your next jewelry craft show with tips from this free eBook.

Essential Tips for Selling Jewelry in Shops

Learn everything you need to know about how to sell jewelry from your home in this FREE eBook.
By Jean Campbell
Jean Campbell shares her experience and advice for selling handmade jewelry at a shop. Her experience highlights everything she learned in her first experience of trying to expand her home business to shops and galleries – perhaps everything she wished she had known beforehand. “Shops and galleries are not the only places to sell my jewelry. One of the most successful beadwork sellers I know throws one huge pre-holiday sale in her home every year.” You can also sell jewelry successfully at beauty shops, online, clothing shops, church bazaars, fundraisers, and bead society sales. Expand what you know about a successful home based jewelry business with more helpful insight from this free eBook!

How to Choose a Name for Your Business

Learn how to choose a name for your business in this free how to sell jewelry ebook.
By Michelle Mach
A successful jewelry making business and brand starts with a name. It will get across what kind of business yours is and will help people find you. If you’re looking for advice on choosing a catchy and meaningful name, preparing for your first bead and jewelry show, or dealing with folks who want a “deal” on your jewelry, get insightful tips from successful jewelry makers Michelle Mach and Vicki Laureau. Discover helpful tips and jewelry display ideas to make your name stand out to the crowd.

Marketing and Selling Your Handmade Jewelry: Booth Display Ideas

Learn about marketing and selling your handmade jewelry including booth display ideas in this free ebook.
By Vicki Laureau
Learn how to make money selling jewelry with a stand-out jewelry booth at bead and jewelry shows. Find jewelry display ideas like props that match your personal style to use throughout your entire presentation, from your business cards and promotional material to your entire booth display. This consistency is important when customers are shopping through hundreds of other vendors. Create an atmosphere with your jewelry display to stand out among the other crafters at shows. Learn how to sell your jewelry with consistent display and presentation.

How to Sell Jewelry Online

Learn how to sell your jewelry online like a pro in this free ebook.
By Jennifer VanBenschoten
If you’re ready to expand your jewelry business and start selling your handmade jewelry online, you’re in luck: there are more options for selling jewelry online now than there were just a few years ago. If you don’t want to go through the hassle and expense of setting up your own website for selling jewelry online, you can find lots of options for setting up an online presence, including selling on Etsy. Before you jump in with both feet, however, read the five key questions for choosing an online marketplace in this free eBook.

Once you’ve named your business, and have researched the best bead and jewelry shows, you can start to make money selling jewelry! You might start by doing a lot of bead shows each year, but as time goes by, you’ll find the ones that attract the right kind of customer for your work. You just have to find the top craft shows and maximize your jewelry-selling potential at them.

Selling your handmade jewelry can earn you a little extra income every month, or, with a little work and perseverance, it can turn into a full-time home based jewelry business. I hope our collection of jewelry business articles inspires you to chase your dreams of earning money doing something you love. Download your copy of our free eBook, How to Sell Jewelry: Improve Your Home-Based Jewelry Business with Free Tips for Selling Beaded Jewelry and start selling your handmade beaded jewelry today!

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