Free Earring eBook and 2 Easy Ear-Wire Designs

Jean Campbell

Puttin’ on the Glitz
This past weekend I was getting ready for a holiday party. I had on a snazzy new outfit, but of the hundreds of pairs of earrings I own, I couldn’t find a single set to wear. Sound familiar? Luckily, we’re beaders. We can whip up a pair of earrings in a flash, not only to match our clothing, but our moods, the weather, or the headline story of the day. That flexibility is one of the big reasons we do what we do! So before I headed out the door, I sat down and made myself this pair of crystal dazzlers that went perfectly with my black pumps and black velvet slacks.

Make Your Own Unique Ear Wires
Designing special ear wear is easy by customizing the dangle, but have you also thought about customizing the ear wire itself?
Here are two ideas for making totally unique ear wires.

    Head-Pin Ear Wires    
Head Pin #1   Head Pin #2  
1:   2:   3:
Use the tip of round-nose pliers to form a loop at the end of a decorative head pin.   Wrap the straight part of
the wire around a pen.
  Use chain-nose pliers to form a slight bend near the end of the straight wire. Slide the loop of your dangle onto the ear wire.
Eye-Pin Ear Wires
Eye Pin #2   Eye Pin #3   Eye Pin
1:   2:   3:
Slide one bead onto an eye pin. Use your fingers or chain-nose pliers to form a 90-degree angle at the top of the bead.   Wrap the straight wire
around a pen.
  Use chain-nose pliers to form a slight bend near the end of the straight wire. Use a jump ring to attach a dangle.

5 FREE earring projects!

It’s easy to make a pair of earrings like mine by just sliding beads onto head pins, forming loops, and hooking them onto ear wires. But sometimes you want to be inspired by other ideas, too. One way is to download this free earring eBook from Beading Daily, with 5 inspirational ideas for beadwoven, fringed, and wire-worked earrings. Another source of ideas is to look through other jewelry you’ve created and “borrow” elements. For example, make a couple extra coils when forming a wire-worked bracelet or stitch a couple more triangles when creating a beaded necklace. Hook these components onto ear wires, and you’ve got something totally new and unique, not to mention an ensemble.

Do you make your own ear wires? Do you even know how many earrings you have in your jewelry box? Please share your thoughts on Beading Daily!

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