Free Beading Project: Pearl Embellished Peyote Stitch Beaded Bead

I love making peyote-stitch beaded beads. Not only are they simple and fast, but it's also so easy to think up ways to embellish them! These freshwater pearl-embellished beaded beads were inspired by the Lisa Peters Art focal bead that I had in my stash. When I opened my most recent order of freshwater pearl strands, the colors of these luscious green top-drilled pearls immediately made me think of the colors in the focal bead. The idea for embellishing the beaded beads came while I was watching an old episode of the television sitcom 3rd Rock From the Sun – the character of Mary Albright, an anthropology professor at a "third-rate" university in central Ohio, wears some truly amazing ethnic jewelry!

For each beaded bead, you will need:

  • 1 g size 11° Japanese cylinder bead, in three colors (A, B, C)
  • 5 top-drilled freshwater pearls, 5-6mm
  • Braided beading thread, 4 lb test
  • Size 12 beading needle
  • Scissors or thread cutter

Make the beaded bead:

On a comfortable length of thread, string a stop bead. Pick up 6 A, 12 B, and 6 A (Rows 1 and 2). Row 3: Peyote across with 3 A, 6 B, and 3 A.

Work in even-count flat peyote stitch for a total of 16 rows. Make sure the ends line up and zip the peyote stitch into a tube.

Make two strips of flat odd-count peyote:

Pick up 3 C. Work in flat odd-count peyote for a total of 24 rows. Wrap this strip around one end of the beaded bead, covering the line between the two colors. (You might have to adjust the number of rows, depending on the size of your beaded bead and the tension with which you stitch.) Zip the strip together tightly and weave in the thread.

When adding the second strip, don't weave in the end. Instead, position the strip so that the thread is exiting from a bead near the bottom of the strip. Pick up 1 B, 5 pearls, 1 B. Pass needle into the corresponding edge bead on the peyote strip on the other side of the bead. Weave back through the pearls and cylinder beads to strengthen. Weave the thread into the strip, knot, and trim.

For the necklace, I used two of these pearl embellished peyote-stitch beaded beads on either side of my focal bead and then finished the necklace with a pattern of Swarovski bicones and more top-drilled pearls. But imagine how lovely an entire necklace of these beaded beads would look! Change up your colors or use the pearl-embellished peyote-stitch beaded bead for your focal point. Experiment with colors and have fun!

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