Free Beading Project: Easy Wire Wrapped Cuff Bracelet

I've really been getting into working with easy wire wrapping projects lately, and these two blank metal cuff bracelets from this month's A Grain of Sand Bead Hoard Curiosities Club just spoke to me as soon as I saw them. They wanted me to wrap them with wire and beads to make a couple of fun and easy beaded cuff bracelets!

You can find similar wire cuff bracelet components from Metalliferous or Designer's Findings.


  • Brass or copper wire bracelet blank
  • Clasp (optional, depending on the type of wire bracelet blank you're using)
  • 25-50 4mm beads (number of beads required may vary, depending on size of beads and size of cuff)
  • 5 feet of 24 gauge copper wire


  • Wire cutters/flush cutters
  • Flat nose or chain nose pliers

Step-by-step Instructions:

If you are using a clasp, attach each piece of the clasp to either end of the cuff bracelet. Use the chain nose or flat nose pliers to gently close the loop around the clasp.

Using the 24 gauge wire, make several wraps around one side of the cuff bracelet.

String on one bead and push it down so that it sits on the outside of the cuff bracelet.

Wrap the wire around the cuff bracelet, holding the bead in place with your fingers as you wrap. Pull snugly (but not so tight that the wire snaps) to secure the bead in place.

Continue adding beads, one at a time, with wire wraps across the outside of the bracelet.
When you get to the other end of the bracelet, make several wraps with the remaining copper wire. Trim the wire close to the bracelet. You can use the chain nose pliers to gently smash the end of the wire down so that it doesn't rub up against your wrist.

Change up the look of your bracelets by using different beads! Some suggestions:

  • Larger seed beads (like 6/0 seed beads)
  • Different shapes of Czech fire polished beads
  • Czech druk beads
  • Small freshwater pearls
  • Small gemstone beads

These beaded cuff bangles work up fast, and are so comfortable to wear, you'll find yourself making loads of them for last-minute gifts! Enjoy! (And make sure you check out the A Grain of Sand website to find out more about the Bead Hoard Curiosities Club!)

Bead Happy,


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