Free Beading Project: Banded Flat Herringbone Bracelet

Welcome to Free Project Friday! This week's free beading project is an easy banded flat herringbone bracelet, made with seed beads and tiny cube beads. These new cube beads are popping up everywhere, and I couldn't resist adding a selection of them to my beading stash! Cube beads look like larger, thicker cylinder beads when worked in flat herringbone stitch and they make the bracelet feel like a piece of thick fabric wrapped around your wrist. You'll be surprised at how quickly this bracelet works up, which means that you can make several of them in all your favorite colors.

For this free beading project, you'll need the following:

  • 7 g cube beads, 1.5mm (color A)
  • 5 g cube beads, 1.5mm (color B)
  • 1 g size 11 Japanese seed beads (color C)
  • 12 size 15 Japanese seed beads (color D)
  • 2 magnetic clasps (*Note: If you wear a pacemaker or other cardiac device that is sensitive to magnets, never use a magnetic clasp!)
  • 6 lb. braided beading thread
  • Size 12 beading needle


Step 1: Pick up 4 A, 4 B, 4 A, 4 B and 4 A. Start working in flat herringbone stitch, using a traditional start method (without a ladder). When you get to the end of the row, pick up 1 A and 1 C and pass back through 1 A. This is how you will make the turn at the end of each row.
Step 2: Work in flat herringbone stitch until you have achieved the desired length of the bracelet, taking into account the size of the clasp(s).

Step 3: Weave your thread until you are exiting from one of the pairs of 2 B on one end of the bracelet, or begin a new thread. Pick up 3 D, one half of the clasp, and 3 D. Pass down into the next B in the bracelet and back up through the B you exited at the beginning of this step. Repeat the thread path a few times to strengthen, and then weave over to the next pair of B on the same side of the bracelet. Add the second clasp.

Start a new thread on the opposite side of the bracelet and add the other halves of the clasps. Weave your threads in, tie a few knots and add a drop of glue if desired, and trim thread close to the beadwork.

I hope you enjoyed this easy flat herringbone bracelet! Mix up your colors with your glass cube beads, and try adding a size 15 Japanese seed bead between each pair of cube beads to add extra sparkle and texture. If you make up this free beading project, why not post a picture of it in the Beading Daily Reader Photo Gallery? You can also post a picture on our Facebook page!

Bead Happy!





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