Free Beading Patterns For Beaded Ropes: Learn How to Stitch Beaded Ropes Using Herringbone Stitch, Spiral Rope, and More!

For many of us, learning how to stitch beaded ropes came with learning the classic spiral rope. Once mastered, this easy technique for stitching beaded ropes might inspire you to try tubular variations for your favorite off-loom bead-weaving stitches like herringbone stitch or peyote stitch. From there, why not experiment with beaded rope techniques like African Helix?

We put together a handful of some of our favorite beaded rope projects to share with you! Are you looking for beaded rope inspiration? Check out these free beading projects:

  • Omega Connector by Sharon Bateman
  • Maggie’s Weave by Marlene Blessing
  • Aegean Sea by Scarlett Lanson
  • Eye of the Peacock Lariat by Kerrie Slade
  • Satin Spirals Bracelet by Julie D’Amico-Beres

Beaded ropes can be so much more than just a simple finishing for a beaded pendant! Learn how to stitch and embellish your favorite beaded rope techniques for spectacular stand-alone beaded necklaces, bracelets, and lariats. Enjoy!

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