Four Gemstones for Autumn Jewelry-making Projects

Let me paint you a picture of what autumn is like here in the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York. Believe it or not, the leaves have already started to change color from deep summer green to more brilliant yellows, golds, and reds. We

My backyard in October

have a fair amount of cloudy days and rain, and the pearly white skies make a beautiful backdrop to the forest of colors I see out my dining room window, on the other side of the river valley. As the colors of some of the trees grow brighter over a few weeks, they play up in stark contrast to the dark evergreens that will eventually make up the winter landscape.

Beautiful, isn't it? And it's a great inspiration for me when it comes to my autumn jewelry-making projects using gemstones! I decided to do a little window shopping over at Lima Beads, and found four fabulous gemstones in colors that are inspired by the magnificent fall palette I see out my windows.

Greens: Green Zebra Jasper.  I've always been partial to green gemstone beads, but this green zebra jasper takes my breath away. These shades of green are exactly the colors of the evergreen trees that stand out in the middle of all those bright golds and reds!

Don't be afraid to pair your greens with other bold colors like orange, red, and yellow for awesome autumn gemstone jewelry projects. Mix them with a neutral cream or even deep brown to play down the contrast.

Orange: Red Botswana Agate. Botswana agate is usually a combination of soothing shades of brown, cream, white, and even pink. This bright, bold orange and white version of a favorite gemstone will set your autumn jewelry-making projects on fire. Cool it off with some beautiful mahogany browns and greens, or play it up with whites and creams!

Yellow: Crazy Lace Agate. Of all the agate gemstones, I think crazy lace agate is one of my favorites to use in strung jewelry projects. The elaborate coloring of the bands in this gemstone make it a cinch to pair with just about anything else. Think outside the strand and try pairing it with amethyst or even rose quartz in your autumn jewelry-making ideas.

White: Rosy White Ocean Jasper. Remember how I talked about the pearly white clouds that we see all autumn up here in the mountains? Rosy white ocean jasper is the perfect complement to just about any of the autumn gemstones I listed here. Pairing a brightly colored gemstone with this gemstone will make a bold piece of beaded jewelry.

Another option for capturing the color of those autumn skies on rainy days would be to use a handful of creamy freshwater pearls. Their inherent glow will soften even the most dramatic of gemstone beads.

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Do you have a favorite gemstone for autumn jewelry? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and tell us about it! (You might discover a couple of new favorites to add to your stash of gemstones!)

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