Four Favorite Bead Crochet Projects!


I'm not sure who it was that first thought it might be a good idea to string some beads on yarn before crocheting with it, but whoever it was probably knew that they had stumbled onto something good. Bead crochet ropes are perfect for showing off your favorite art glass and ceramic beads, and making bead crochet jewelry is a fun way to show off your crochet skills!


In bead crochet, the beads are strung on your yarn or fiber before starting to crochet. Bead crochet ropes are soft and supple, and can be used either on their own with some fancy cones or end caps or with your favorite handmade art glass and ceramic beads. Tapestry bead crochet results in a flat piece of crochet that has been studded with beads, and can be used to make cuff style bracelets, brooches, necklaces, pendants, or bags.

We've selected four of our favorite beading projects that use bead crochet to get you started with this wonderful beading technique!

  • Make an easy bead crochet pin with Gwen Blakely Kinsler's Mexican Motif bead crochet pattern. Use Japanese cylinder beads and your favorite pearl cotton to create this bright and beautiful pin with bead crochet.
  • Beaded amulet bags will never go out of style, and Geraldine M. Rooke's Tapestry Crochet Amulet Bag looks just as stylish now as it would have ten years ago! The bold patterns of this bead crocheted amulet bag makes a beautiful pendant – and a handy place to stash your bead money.
  • Next, learn a new bead crochet technique with Lydia Borin's swag bead crochet tutorial and fun Swag Me bead crochet bracelet. You'll love the feeling of this beaded breacelet – it's a party for your wrist in bead crochet!
  • If you love to make bead crochet ropes, you'll love the article by Mary Libby Neiman, Lariats: Tie One On. You'll discover seven creative ways to show off your bead crochet ropes with these fun and fancy ideas for how to wear your favorite bead crochet ropes.

Finally, take a look at two of our favorite bead crochet blogs about ways to get started with bead crochet! Learn two ways to start your bead crochet ropes, and check out Jean Campbell's easy advice for getting started with bead crochet.


Whether you like to make long, undulating ropes of bead crochet or you prefer the technique of tapestry bead crochet, you'll find something in our bead crochet eBook to get you crocheting with beads.

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