Five Reasons to Love Seed Bead Patterns

Why do we love seed bead patterns so much? I recently posted something on the Beading Daily Facebook page about NaSeBeMo (National Seed Beading Month), and I was thrilled to see that there are as many people out there who are obsessed with working with seed beads as I am!

Someone that I used to know a very long time ago told me that she loved working with seed beads because of their transformative nature, and that's something that I still carry with me today. Following a seed bead pattern to make a piece of finished beaded jewelry or even a piece of home decor like a beaded box or beaded ornament gives me such a feeling of accomplishment. Taking that big pile of beads and turning it into something beautiful and useful just gives me a sense of well-being that I just can't find anywhere else.

Why else should we love our seed bead patterns? Here are my top five reason why I love seed bead patterns:

Seed beads have the power to heal. Anyone who has ever worked with seed beads knows how wonderful it feels to create something with seed beads. Whether it's a piece of beaded jewelry, something to decorate your home, or sharing a bead craft with your favorite kid, those tiny little pieces of glass really have a way of making us feel better.
Working with seed bead patterns can be a spiritual experience. One of my all-time favorite blogs that I've written for Beading Daily was the one where I compared working with a seed bead pattern to the creation of a Buddhist sand mandala. When I talk to other people who love working with seed beads as much as I do, we all agree that there's something very spiritual about working with seed beads!
Seed bead patterns can be personalized. Along the lines of expressing yourself through your seed bead patterns, there's always room for interpretation when it comes to making your own seed bead jewelry. It can be something as simple as using your favorite colors instead of the colors specified in the instructions, or you can add texture by including a shaped seed bead. Using your imagination when personalizing your seed bead patterns can lead to some great beady discoveries!
You can use seed bead patterns to teach yourself how to bead. Yep, I'm a real do-it-yourself-er when it comes to making my own beaded jewelry, and the thing I love about seed bead patterns is that you can learn so much from them! I'm a primarily self-taught bead-weaver, and I owe a lot of what I know to the innovative seed bead patterns of artists like Rachel Nelson-Smith, Marcia DeCoster, and Carol Huber Cypher.
There are loads of free seed bead patterns on Beading Daily! One of my favorite things about Beading Daily are the free seed bead patterns! Not only will you find hundreds of free downloads for individual beading projects, you'll also find a whole list of free eBooks covering topics like peyote stitch, brick stitch, bead-weaving, right-angle weave, and herringbone stitch.

Another reason to love seed bead patterns: what with all the new kinds of seed beads I'm seeing in bead shops, at bead shows, and online these days, I'm always looking for ways to use them! I've got quite the collection of farfalle or peanut beads, Twins, SuperDuos, and Tila beads in my bead stash, in just about every color I need.

If you're looking for new ways to use some of those fabulous two-holed Tila beads, look  no further than the new Stitching With Shaped Seed Beads: 10 Beading Projects to Make With Tila Beads, available now as an instant download in the Beading Daily Shop. You'll find ten creative, beautiful beading projects from your favorite designers like Melinda Barta, Diane Fitzgerald, and Kelli Burns, all using those tempting Tila beads!

Have you been hoarding your Tila beads, wondering what to make with them? Download your copy of Stitching With Shaped Seed Beads: 10 Beading Projects to Make With Tila Beads and start creating amazing beaded jewelry today!

Why do you love seed bead patterns? Do you love the healing power of seed beads? The meditative aspect of working with seed beads and seed bead patterns? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share your thoughts with us!

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