Five Free Projects for Beading with Lampwork Glass Beads

Garden Goddess Necklace by SaraBeth Cullinan

Lampwork glass beads are an art in themselves. Hot glass is carefully layered and shaped to result in a striking handmade glass bead for you to use in your jewelry-making projects. Lampwork beads can be created in any shape or color imaginable, and today's lampwork glass bead artists are always coming up with beautiful and innovative new designs for our handmade jewelry and beading projects.

Big Apple Necklace by Lynn Davy

But using lampwork glass beads in our jewelry-making projects can be a challenge. Handmade lampwork glass beads can be somewhat heavier than other types of glass beads, and their edges can easily cut even the heaviest of beading threads or cause wear on beading wire when strung in a glass bead necklace or bracelet. Combining larger lampwork glass beads with seed beads can also be a challenge when it comes down to proportion and design in your jewelry making.

Going Bananas Necklace by Lynn Davy

Never fear! We have assembled five beautiful beading projects that all incorporate handmade lampwork glass beads to inspire your jewelry making with glass beads. Whether you love to do stringing or enjoy the serenity of off-loom beadweaving, you'll find a project in here to capture your imagination.

Rhumba Bracelet by Jamie Hogsett
  • SaraBeth Cullinan's Garden Goddess Necklace is a simple but stunning glass-bead necklace, made using easy stringing techniques and a fabulous handmade lampwork focal bead. Mix and match colors and glass-bead styles to create your own unique version of this beautiful glass-bead necklace!
  • Being a former city girl, I loved Lynn Davy's Big Apple Necklace and the way it combines a little bit of bead stitching with an unusual lampwork glass bead.
  • If you want to combine more stitching with lampwork glass beads, try Lynn's Going Bananas necklace or the Rhumba bracelet by Jamie Hogsett-both of these projects combine my favorite beaded-bead stitching techniques with colorful lampwork beads.
  • Danielle Fox's Playing Around shows off some lovely flat handmade lampwork glass-disc beads. The combination of bold glass-bead colors mixed with silky ribbon makes for a fun, feminine bracelet.
    Playing Around by Danielle Fox
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So dive in to your bead stash and dig up those lovely handmade glass lampwork beads that you've been hoarding! With these five free beading projects using lampwork glass beads, you've got a range of options and techniques for showcasing these beautiful glass objects. Find that special lampwork glass bead in your collection and turn it into a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry today!

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