Finding Closure: In Search of the Perfect Clasp With Bead Artist Cynthia Newcomer Daniel

From Jennifer: We all love to see a happy ending on television or in a good book, right? Well, the same holds true for our beading and jewelry-making projects: we all need to find the perfect ending for our beaded jewelry! Whether you want to learn how to effectively use a pre-made or manufactured clasp or learn how to tell when a design requires a custom-made clasp or closure, you won't want to miss our next live webinar, Choosing and Using the Perfect Clasp For Your Beaded Jewelry with Cynthia Newcomer Daniel on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. EDT. Why is it so important to choose the right kind of clasp or closure for your beadwork? Read on to find out why Cynthia Newcomer Daniel thinks that this could be one of the most important choices you'll make when stitching or designing a piece of beaded jewelry!

Creating Harmony: Handmade custom beaded clasp by Cynthia Newcomer Daniel

From Cynthia: How many beaders out there have a box full of UFOs that are just sitting there, waiting for a clasp in order to be worn? Raise your hand if that’s ever happened to you! Sometimes it’s just procrastination, but other times we just can’t decide which type of clasp to use, or even worse, we have pieces in there with clasps that didn’t work out that need to be repaired and replaced.

How do you go about choosing the right clasp? When do you use a purchased clasp, and when do you use a beaded clasp? How do you figure out which type of clasp will work best for a particular piece, and, if a clasp fails, will half of your beading fall apart with it? These are questions that beginning beaders might not think too much about about, but the more we bead, the more we realize that we must ask ourselves these questions before adding a clasp to our beadwork if we want to wear it safely – especially if we sell our work, or give it away to others to wear. We work too hard on our beadwork to lose it because of the wrong clasp, or have it all fall apart when a clasp fails.

I’ve had a lot of experience with clasp failure and beadwork repair. My grandmother loved my beadwork, but was very impatient and exceedingly hard on clasps. It used to drive me crazy doing all the repairs required for her to wear them again; sometimes it seemed as if she broke something every time she wore it! I’d sit at my desk and say, “Never again!” – but one look at her face while she held out yet another beloved bit of beading with a broken clasp always softened me. She taught me a lot about choosing clasps, and even more about making jewelry that was easy to repair. I didn’t enjoy those lessons while I was learning them, but I am grateful for them now.

My box of UFOs needing clasps is not as full as it used to be; beadwork goes in there these days because I know that I want a special clasp and I’m still looking for it.

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