Featured Instructor: Cynthia Newcomer Daniel

Bead artist Cynthia Newcomer Daniel

I've admired the way Cynthia Newcomer Daniel has translated traditional lace into beautiful seed bead jewelry with the same qualities of light and space. Read on to learn a little more about her work, and find out how you can learn Cynthia's techniques for creating beaded lace jewelry!

Where are you from originally, and where do you currently live? I was born and raised in Southern California, then spent 20 years living in New York, where my husband and I raised our children. We are now back in California, this time in the central coast area.

What do you do besides beading? (What's your day job) Beading is my day job now; before that I worked as a writer.

How and when did you start beading? I started beading as a child; both of my grandmothers were beaders and they were my first teachers. I was lucky to have one who was strong on technique and one who focused on creativity.

Do you prefer to work from patterns, or create your own? I like to do both; although most of the time I create my own designs, I find it very relaxing and interesting to "take a walk in someone else's brain" and work their patterns. I always learn something new when I do that – everyone's process is different.

How would you describe your personal style? Feminine, but architectural; delicate, but strong.

What other creative pursuits do you enjoy? I love making lace, that's second only to beading for me! I also enjoy quilting, crocheting and knitting.

Tell us about your beading studio… what kind of space inspires you? I am a neatnik; clutter drives me crazy. I love my studio because it's very open; I have a north-facing window above my beading station that brings in a lot of natural light. All of my beads are stored out of sight, but easily accessible; only the beads I am actually using are out.

What has been your favorite project recently? Whatever I am currently working on is my favorite project; I am notoriously fickle that way. I fall in love with each new project every time.

What's your current beading soundtrack? Silence! I get distracted easily, so I don't put on anything I want to listen to. Usually when I work, the sounds I hear are those of people going by or my husband practicing guitar. My window faces the street, so I have become very much in touch with what happens on our street.

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