Favorite Picks and Projects from Handcrafted Jewelry 2012

Before I discovered beads, I would make jewelry out of anything I could get my hands on. When we were kids, my sister and I made earrings out of thick watercolor paper, strung bracelets with buttons and thread, and spent hours on tiny needlepoint pendants. Little did I  know that what I was actually doing was creating mixed media jewelry! My sister and I just thought we were having fun!

Turns out that making mixed media jewelry is a lot more fun as a grownup. Maybe it's because I have more beading tools and a huge workshop in my garage where I can play, but every once in a while, I get the urge to create a piece of jewelry with something besides the beads. And in the new Handcrafted Jewelry 2012, I found loads of mixed media jewelry projects — most of them pretty easy — that I can take with me out to my garage workshop when I want to play!

I'm married to a hunter. Every year, he goes out and brings home venison, duck, grouse, and the occasional bear. And every year, he goes out and sights in his hunting rifle at the local target range, bringing back the empty bullet casings. I've seen some pretty creative uses for those empty bullet casings, but Beth Shea's Bullet Birdhouse Pendant really got my attention! I've been thinking about learning how to saw metal for mixed media jewelry, and this just might be the perfect project for me to get started.
I've been hoarding at least a dozen different colors of sari ribbons in my jewelry making stash, just waiting for the perfect project to come along. I think just might be it! Chloe Chatenever's awesome Olympic Medals Necklace is the perfect way for me to use that ribbon, along with some of the vintage metal components I've been collecting. (Imagine what you could do with a little bit of color on those rings, too!)
I'm also the sentimental type, and I can't help but get all weepy when I'm sorting through the clothes my son has outgrown each season. Bianca Howell and Carla Rogers have created this awesome Braided T-shirt Bracelet that just might be the perfect thing to let me hang on to memories of my son's childhood!

Ready to make some really meaningful mixed media jewelry? You'll find these and so many more fabulous mixed media jewelry making projects in Handcrafted Jewelry 2012! Whether you love polymer clay, fabric, paper beads, resin, wire, or even feathers, you'll find fun new jewelry making projects to make you feel like a kid again! Get your copy of Handcrafted Jewelry 2012 and play with your jewelry. (Or, if you just can't wait to see all the wonderful projects and ideas for making unique mixed media jewelry, Handcrafted Jewelry 2012 is also available as an instant download, so you can be reading and creating in just minutes!)

Do you have any special memories of creating jewelry? Share them here on the Beading Daily blog!

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