Favorite FREE Beading Projects

Did you know you can find free beading projects at BeadingDaily.com? Many of the beading projects were originally featured in Jewelry Stringing magazine. I was looking through the free projects the other day and discovered that many were favorites from past magazines I've worked on. Here are my top five picks:

This Brass Snowflake necklace by Jess Italia Lincoln was among the first projects we published with stacked filigree components. I've always loved the pretty green tones of the beads Jess chose to include in this project.
This Elegant Netted Bracelet by Deborah Meyer is unassuming and has an almost tribal look, which is very popular today.
I remember when these Coiled Gem Drop earrings were submitted by talented wireworker Janice Berkebile–I determined then and there to learn more about the technique.
I made this Chirp Chirp necklace, and it's still one of the projects I'm most proud of. I remember laboring over just what beads to use and in what order to achieve a nice asymmetry.
I love this Sweet Leaves necklace by Silvija and Taya Koshnick for its chic simplicity. I could see wearing this piece every day.

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