Favorite Bead Shops: York Beads

Some of the amazing beads I recently purchased at York Beads in New York City.

By far, York Beads is my all-time favorite bead shop in Manhattan. If you love Czech seed beads, Czech fire-polished beads, Czech pressed-glass beads, daggers, charlottes, or hex-cut beads, York Beads is paradise.

The unassuming storefront located on East 37th Street near Fifth Avenue doesn't give you a good idea of the glass bead treasures that you will find within. The wall of fire-polished beads was almost too much for me to take in, and the giant wall of size 11o seed beads was just too, too tempting!

Because York is primarily a wholesale bead seller, they only sell their beads by the hank, including almost all of the pressed-glass daggers, drops, and shapes. Each hank can sell for between $18-$30 and contains six strands, you might be better off going with a group of friends so that you can split the cost and get a better variety of beads.

What kinds of glass beads can you find at York Beads? All kinds of Czech glass beads! On my recent visit, they had peanut beads, Twin two-holed seed beads, two-holed Czech tablet beads, an entire wall of fire-polished glass beads, Czech seed beads in every color and size you can imagine, and even a healthy selection of Czech charlottes with that distinctive sparkle. There were so many other types of Czech glass beads there that I can't begin to describe them, but if Czech pressed-glass beads are your "thing," then York Beads should be your favorite bead shop!

You can find York Beads in Manhattan at 10 West 37th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

Have you ever shopped at York Beads? Share your experience here on the blog!

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